Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do I get a 80,000 mile service :p

So, it seems like this week has been dedicated to my faithful and obedient car.Most of the time I love my car but yesterday, I felt a hint of jealousy,yup...I envy ed my car!

Monday and Tuesday have been really really exhausting for me, I was basically running errands ,finishing chores from the moment I woke up till almost mid night :( so needless to say, I was cranky and sleep deprived. And along with all that craziness, I had to take care of my car too.

Yesterday I spent my precious energy cleaning the floors,seats, doors,dashboard,trunk, windows etc basically every visible corner of my car in the hot,humid and dark garage.And it didn't end here,I had an appointment at NTB for the regular service ...ha, so I had to take her highness for that!

After cleaning and putting away the vacuum cleaner I rushed for that appointment.

I looked at my car from the big glass window,while I sat at an uncomfortable chair,in the narrow waiting room which smelled like tire rubber.I never felt jealousy like that before,particularly from my car haha, but I wished I was that car, up on the ramp RESTING!!! getting pampered and a deep tissue service haha...

Well, since me and my car are always on the go,at least one of us is in good shape! :)

oh, I just remembered, I was told that I'm gonna have to change the tires pretty soon as well, hmmm NICE!!! maybe I can go shoe shopping before doing that :p Just a thought!

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