Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day- everyday in our home.

We at the Khan household, pretty much do make everyday ,Earth day.

All of us try to make sure we don't waste Water or energy.Even littleWaaiz makes sure that there are no light bulbs left ON in empty rooms.He will make sure that he is not wasting water while brushing his teeth.He makes me so happy :)

I got this from my mom,she made sure none of her kids would waste food,water,electricity,money etc etc... kinda became habitual for me to use less water while washing dishes,turn off light bulbs when exiting a room.And now it is so rewarding to watch my own child learn good things.

I rarely use my clothes dryer when I do laundry,instead I hang them out on the clothesline in the backyard :) old school, huh.
I just love looking at the colorful clothes from my living room window and when you bring them inside..they smell really good - probably a scent of fresh air,which can't be described :)

One huge benefit of doing this is that you can actually see a noticeable decrease in your monthly electricity usage and an increase in the life of your favorite jeans - which results in savings, and who doesn't like that :)

Maani, he does his part as well.Quite a while ago, he changed all the light bulbs in our home to those funky looking curly bulbs- haha can't remember what they are called :) He made sure we get energy efficient appliances.He turns off his electronics when they are not in use.Another thing we are gonna start doing this year is use the paper shreds from our home office, underneath the mulch in our flower beds.It helps us use less mulch,and less water.Let's see how that goes.
Along with that he has never been in favor of paper cups, plates and disposable cutlery...unless we have a real valid reason to use them.That's good too,and he makes sure he helps me with the dishes,which is even better!
Another thing we love in our home is that we rarely use harmful chemicals for cleaning.I love the all natural cleaning power of lemon, vinegar and baking soda.Then for some cleaning around the house, I use Basic H from Shaklee.Awesome product. LOVE IT!

Here is what Waaiz was working on today.

I am so proud of him.We still have a few more projects that we have to work on this evening.I will be writing about them tomorrow.
all in all...we love our earth,it's our home and I am so proud of my family for doing our part in taking care of our earth.Earth,you ROCK!

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