Thursday, April 16, 2009

I hate you then I love you!

...and then I love you more!
So, Maani brought this beautiful vase for me this Valentine's day,and it actually goes well with the decor and colors in my living and dining rooms.It took a little while for this vase to grow on me...but before I knew,it finally manage to become one of my favorite piece in my home.
Then,accidently Maani broke it ...I know,I know it was an accident,but I'd still say,he broke it -haha ,and then he brought me flowers. So, you break my vase and you bring me flowers...isn't it like I hate you then I love you,then I hate you and I love you.
Oh well, but then I love you more :) since he promised to try to fix the vase AND brought me purple and pink flowers,I'd say "I never want to be in love with anyone- but you."

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