Monday, April 20, 2009

Just another manic monday!

ah....Monday!it beats everyone down - even Waaiz was bored this evening.
Daddy became a victim of Monday too,he had to stay at work a little later than usual.
In my kitchen Waaiz, chatting with baba on yahoo messenger around 6:30 ish this is his conversation with daddy.
waaiz: Baba
Maani : yes are you.
waaiz: i miss u
Maani: i miss you too baita*
* ( baita means son )
Maani: how was your day?
waaiz: i love u and miss u
i vish u voud come home soonr.
Maani: I know baita, I will come home soon.
waaiz: my day was good.baba
i finished my math book :).
Maani: good job baita.I am proud of you.
( and by this message,Ben1o alien force got his attention,and he ran into the living room to watch his favorite hero,who made his Monday a little happier :)

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