Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's got the look!

cute and cuddly!

he had something important to say...

pweety pweease!

Here comes the handsome dude,watch out Jamie Dornan 

and he will always be a mama's boy!

The Merry Merry Month May.

April showers definitely brought May flowers in my garden ,I have so many pretty flowers in my garden,they are so beautiful.
Here is a recap of what has been going on in my crazy busy life :)
Maani took me out to a nice drive through the Dallas Arts District,which was a lot of fun except the traffic jam.but I did utilize that boring time to click my phone and capture this image here.

Then we went to MNS and the boys made Birthday cards for sweet!

I also got a treat to pig out at my favorite places to eat :) for once...I didn't have to cook anything,ha! Here we are after the can tell I am VERY happy.

Last friday,I made this cake for a very sweet friend Monicca.And took it to her work the day before her birthday.She loves pink,loves shoes and that's what I tried to capture through this cake.

I think she liked the sandal :)
Waaiz totally adores her.He wanted Monicca and I to wear the flower in our hair because we were the "birthday girls".

That same evening,The Cobbey family took me and Waaiz out to Dallas downtown for my birthday.They gave me and Waaiz tickets to the King Tut exhibit.We had so much fun making our very own crowns/hats at the DMA.Here aren't they cute.

Here is Waaiz with his best buddy Daniel.

Next morning we went to Katy,TX to visit my in laws.Which is always fun and relaxing.
Here is a picture of my niece's pet puppy "Knox"
awww sad puppy eyes,all he wants to do is play play and play.

We also went to Houston MNS and saw creepy things like this...

 And...we also got to attend an awesome performance by the legendary Jagjit Singh.

...all in all, it has been a crazy busy month,and much more to come in the next few days.I am super excited.I will keep you guys posted.

Successful Stacking.Waaiz got it.

So,this morning when I went into Waaiz's bedroom, he'd stacked all his stuffed animals at one corner of his bed.
Me: YZ, why did you stack all your friends there?
Waaiz: Mama! successful Stacking :) 
and then he tried to mimic some of the things he saw in the Successful stacking DVD with me just the other day.
This kid cracks me up every day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Baby!

( here he is ..all proud of himself,he should be! don't you agree :)
yayyyy Santa is real! and he even comes in May! who knew...
 Well my sweet Santa surprised me...he knows I love sweet surprises,little things make me very happy.I love it when someone surprises me by doing something I love.Just knowing that someone took time out of all the craziness of their life and actually thought about doing something for me...that makes my heart sing.
 A few posts ago I mentioned something about my birthday wish list,in this post and  Sharon Zambito's DVDs were the only things I wanted for my birthday...well, last week I checked my mailbox,and there was a package for ME :) I opened it...and almost cried...not one but TWO of Sharon's DVDs.Boxes and Bows and Successful stacking! WOW, you sneaky guy.You knew exactly what I wanted.
 He even watched one of the DVD with me.I know,I know...just like my girlfriends said, "he's a keeper".
 Love you baby.Thanks for the best gift in the whole wide world.
oh, and THANK YOU so much Ms Sharon of Sugared productions for sharing a treasure of knowledge with all her fans.We love you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super email from another Super Mom.

I just got this from a very dear friend of mine...TOTALLY hillarious.I really enjoyed it.But I am wondering...why are Angie and Brad upset with me??? oh and George,I'd share my lasagna recipe anyday and the autograph is on its way to you :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just another day in paradise :)

WHAT A DAY!!! Mothers day and my birthday falling on the same so special :)
It was a super exciting day.
This morning we performed the annual Khan household ritual of using our vehicles to get the Texas drivers in a pumped up mode for our birthdays :)

Then, we headed to our favorite restaurant for a nice brunch (We rarely go out to eat so this was a special treat for me).That place was packed!!! finally we found a place to sit and a little while later,we heard some disturbance...yup!!! two young men broke into a fight over...what???don't know, probably the last piece of naan bread haha.It was a sad sight...then some people dragged the angry lions outside and they kept now their moms were also trying to control and calm them boys down...but they were determined to give their mommies Mothers day presents :D
 Finally police showed up and it all cleared :D
On our way back home, we saw a fire near our exit from the highway...a sign said "Natural Gas Fire- police have been notified" I had to put my phone to you can also witness the massive flame of natural gas fire.

As if this wasn't enough very good friend invited me to her house for a nice cup of tea.As we pulled up on her driveway... I went to the passenger door to get Waaiz out from the back seat(he couldn't open it himself -child lock) and all of a sudden,I felt a million needles poking my right foot... a sharp burning.I looked at my foot and there they were...hungry,angry fire ants...hundreds of them on my foot.
here is their evil mound 

and here is what my foot looks like now

pretty impressive eh!
BUT...all in all it was a good day..I get to take my yummy afternoon nap! hah I'm in heaven.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

...must be doing something right!

When someone wakes up to such a lovely note and yummy breakfast by their bedside,they know they must have done something right for God to bless them with such love in their life.
I know I sure am blessed,I don't know what I did that God blessed me with such a precious little boy!
Yup,Waaiz decided to kick off my birthday weekend with a bowl of yummy cereals,a nice handwritten note all in a tray,by my bedside-even before I woke up this morning.
I love my little munchkin :)

His note reads: " Dear Mom eat your breakfast for me!have a good time!I hope you wanna have cerel today.
HAPPY birThday."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Callas Just in time for my Birthday :)

In my front yard :) 

His treasures.

...just a few moments ago, Waaiz came and asked me if I'd seen his " sword" ,I thought he was asking about the plastic Star war retractable thingy,that looks like a sword( I think they are called Lightsavers,or something) and I pointed him to his star wars toy box.Minutes later he came smiling and showed me with his finger and thumb,
"it was just THIS big mom." 
Then he had that "these parents will never learn" look on his face and tried to describe the sword to me."Ah...THAT TINY little thing, which came with your miniature Grivas?" I asked.
 " YES,have you seen it "he jumped, with much hope in his eyes.
 "Nope,but where were you playing with it,last time?" I asked.
 " I put it in the pockets of my blue shorts that you washed yesterday,Where is the laundry mom?"
oh, how much I love my precious little man :)

A Groovy Kind of love.

 My birthday is almost here and I celebrate it!!! I mean seriously I do...I stay happy ALLLL through the month of May.I try to do little things that make ME happy,give myself little treats.haha silly me.I love myself and I just love to celebrate the completion of another year,filled with blessings,health,happiness and achievements. 
 I have said it one too many times,I am a four corners loving girl :) you don't agree...well, let examine here..haha 
                     EVERYTHING on the living room wall has " 4 corners"
                          Same Here...
                       ... in the dining room                                                       
                      even the floor mats have a perfect rectangle pattern

Now that Ms Sharon(who is celebrating her birthday today-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS SHARON,we May gals are totally rocking :) has released her new DVD,"BOXES & BOWS" I feel like that's the only four corner thing missing in my collection.THAT'S the ONLY thing on my birthday wish list:p  too bad,Santa doesn't show up in May :(
  here is what she shares in her almost 4 hour DVD.

                   Oh, and how can I forget another one of my square crush :)
         haha.Happy Birthday to me.
(Many many Thanks yous toMs Sharon for letting me use her fabulous cake pictures in my post)