Friday, May 8, 2009

A Groovy Kind of love.

 My birthday is almost here and I celebrate it!!! I mean seriously I do...I stay happy ALLLL through the month of May.I try to do little things that make ME happy,give myself little treats.haha silly me.I love myself and I just love to celebrate the completion of another year,filled with blessings,health,happiness and achievements. 
 I have said it one too many times,I am a four corners loving girl :) you don't agree...well, let examine here..haha 
                     EVERYTHING on the living room wall has " 4 corners"
                          Same Here...
                       ... in the dining room                                                       
                      even the floor mats have a perfect rectangle pattern

Now that Ms Sharon(who is celebrating her birthday today-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS SHARON,we May gals are totally rocking :) has released her new DVD,"BOXES & BOWS" I feel like that's the only four corner thing missing in my collection.THAT'S the ONLY thing on my birthday wish list:p  too bad,Santa doesn't show up in May :(
  here is what she shares in her almost 4 hour DVD.

                   Oh, and how can I forget another one of my square crush :)
         haha.Happy Birthday to me.
(Many many Thanks yous toMs Sharon for letting me use her fabulous cake pictures in my post)

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