Friday, May 8, 2009

His treasures.

...just a few moments ago, Waaiz came and asked me if I'd seen his " sword" ,I thought he was asking about the plastic Star war retractable thingy,that looks like a sword( I think they are called Lightsavers,or something) and I pointed him to his star wars toy box.Minutes later he came smiling and showed me with his finger and thumb,
"it was just THIS big mom." 
Then he had that "these parents will never learn" look on his face and tried to describe the sword to me."Ah...THAT TINY little thing, which came with your miniature Grivas?" I asked.
 " YES,have you seen it "he jumped, with much hope in his eyes.
 "Nope,but where were you playing with it,last time?" I asked.
 " I put it in the pockets of my blue shorts that you washed yesterday,Where is the laundry mom?"
oh, how much I love my precious little man :)

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