Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just another day in paradise :)

WHAT A DAY!!! Mothers day and my birthday falling on the same so special :)
It was a super exciting day.
This morning we performed the annual Khan household ritual of using our vehicles to get the Texas drivers in a pumped up mode for our birthdays :)

Then, we headed to our favorite restaurant for a nice brunch (We rarely go out to eat so this was a special treat for me).That place was packed!!! finally we found a place to sit and a little while later,we heard some disturbance...yup!!! two young men broke into a fight over...what???don't know, probably the last piece of naan bread haha.It was a sad sight...then some people dragged the angry lions outside and they kept now their moms were also trying to control and calm them boys down...but they were determined to give their mommies Mothers day presents :D
 Finally police showed up and it all cleared :D
On our way back home, we saw a fire near our exit from the highway...a sign said "Natural Gas Fire- police have been notified" I had to put my phone to you can also witness the massive flame of natural gas fire.

As if this wasn't enough very good friend invited me to her house for a nice cup of tea.As we pulled up on her driveway... I went to the passenger door to get Waaiz out from the back seat(he couldn't open it himself -child lock) and all of a sudden,I felt a million needles poking my right foot... a sharp burning.I looked at my foot and there they were...hungry,angry fire ants...hundreds of them on my foot.
here is their evil mound 

and here is what my foot looks like now

pretty impressive eh!
BUT...all in all it was a good day..I get to take my yummy afternoon nap! hah I'm in heaven.

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