Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Baby!

( here he is ..all proud of himself,he should be! don't you agree :)
yayyyy Santa is real! and he even comes in May! who knew...
 Well my sweet Santa surprised me...he knows I love sweet surprises,little things make me very happy.I love it when someone surprises me by doing something I love.Just knowing that someone took time out of all the craziness of their life and actually thought about doing something for me...that makes my heart sing.
 A few posts ago I mentioned something about my birthday wish list,in this post and  Sharon Zambito's DVDs were the only things I wanted for my birthday...well, last week I checked my mailbox,and there was a package for ME :) I opened it...and almost cried...not one but TWO of Sharon's DVDs.Boxes and Bows and Successful stacking! WOW, you sneaky guy.You knew exactly what I wanted.
 He even watched one of the DVD with me.I know,I know...just like my girlfriends said, "he's a keeper".
 Love you baby.Thanks for the best gift in the whole wide world.
oh, and THANK YOU so much Ms Sharon of Sugared productions for sharing a treasure of knowledge with all her fans.We love you.


Anonymous said...

aw! that is so sweet. Your hubby is not only cute,,but very, very thoughtful. You two are made for each other :)
Peggy aka Margo

Anonymous said...

love your sense of decorating and style !!!!
I want to see your beautiful wedding pics up closer, hun.

Peggy aka Margo