Monday, June 15, 2009

Brothers :D

So, this post was supposed to be up on June 11Th, but due to the love hate relationship between me and the scanners,I wasn't able to declare it a mission accomplished.Now with hubby's graciousness,I was able to find the pictures scanned and transferred on my laptop when i woke up this morning :D gotta love him for being a nerd!
June 11Th is my brother's birthday... and last few days, I kept thinking about our childhood together.An ocean of memories we have! He and I spent more time together than with the rest of our herd ( we are a gang of 3 brothers and 1 me,yup I am the princess sister :).When I was about 6 years old and he was 12,we had to leave our older brothers and our country and live in a different country with our parents due to daddy's job.Those probably were the most memorable years for both of us together.We had the same friends, we used to watch same cartoons,I remember we used to watch Smurfs ,Thundercats and Grendizer ,he would always pretended to be Lion-O
We used to find "red eyes" in the dark and pretend that they were aliens.
And how can we ever forget our pet chickens...not one not two but 13 of them. haha! And we would get into so much trouble because our chickens would run around in our moms vegetable garden,and sometimes they'd run away and he and I would go looking for them around the neighbourhood.
We spent many many bright and beautiful days in the native fields picking water melons,grapes,olives,figs and pomegranates from their trees and vines.
I remember we'd pick the perfect watermelon,bring it to the road, smash it open and eat it with our friends...what fun days!
There used to be a Korean contract company named, Corinthia in that area..God knows what they were building but I remember, one day he and I both climbed up the very tall crane and went inside the little control cabin and saw how tiny our house looked from up above :D
I still remember our school days,we used to walk to our school holding hands and would come back home holding hands.And the summers were awesome!!! specially when our mom would take afternoon naps,she'd put him and me on either side of her bed and we knew that a single squeak from the bed will wake her up and that will not be pleasant - lol...however that didn't stop us...we'd sneak out of the room as soon as mom would fall asleep and would get busy in our little adventures around the house.
He has always been the geek among us...he'd try to make circuits using the tutorials from his science magazine,I used to sit there and bother him all afternoon till he'd get tired of me messing with his little LEDs,adapters, resistors,soldering iron and transistors.I remember we made a circuit for a doorbell or something! oh what fun!
And how can I forget our book binding adventures...he and I LOVED binding our books.Making sticky glue with flour and water,messing up moms kitchen sink and utensils.And we always got punished together for breaking mama's crochet hooks for our book binding projects. lol
I can easily say that he was the most annoying brother one can have ,probably because he and I are totally opposite in personalities,he has never been fond of talking,I on the other hand have a chitty chatty self :D that always started clashes between us.We fought,told on each other, got each other into troubles...but in the end,were always together.
He went to KSU for his MS and of course did as best as he always did,then he moved to Dallas to live with us.He and I were together again!this time around I was a mommy and a housewife! I am so glad he spent that year with us,it was a changing phase for me,and him being here was some what therapeutic.We used to find outlet stores across Dallas and would drive out there in the summer afternoons and would have picnics at the lake on the weekends.oh and our road trips were so much fun too.
Here, we are at the River Walk in San Antonio with about 8 month old Waaiz.This was our trip when I lost his precious video camera :(

He adores Waaiz!He earned his infant handling degree here by taking care of Waaiz in his first year.It was amazing to see him buckle little Waaiz in the car seat and then take him to his friend's house and be back just in time for Waaiz's diaper change- lol
I HATED him for being a book worm...he ALWAYS scored A+ and since I was younger than him, everyone would tell me to be like him...haha.He is a serious nut case! no wonder he is almost done with his bookworm brother will be PhD Doctor :D oh how much I love him for that now! Here he is with me,this is when he graduated from his University.what a proud day!

That's me and him,I think that was the day our school announced the annual results! of course, he scored an A+ .
ah we were cute :D

Now, he is all grown up, a family man,
father of a beautiful little girl
.Yet still a geek and a book worm.I think now he has his wife to hate him for being a book worm :D all I can tell him that I am not jealous of him anymore :) and that we are all VERY proud of him for doing what he is doing and wish him all the best with his PhD.And of course a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY too !

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