Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I could turn back time...

oh ya... I would if I could ! Be a kid again,with no worries, no "To Do Lists", no huge responsibilities...ah! Life is fun for kids :D
Crazy month,crazy week... I have been making cakes,trying to keep Waaiz happy and busy during the summer days,planning weekend activities for us,daily chores along with Maani's share of "Honey to do List" because of his crazy work schedule.Every couple of weeks, I get a taste of being a single mother...and this is how it has been since past few weeks... he has been working all day and then after dinner he has to work too sometimes late into the wee hours of the night...and then back in the office again the next morning!
So, I have been trying to make sure I do EVERYTHING around the house AND keep Waaiz happy! He is such a good kid, he rarely gets bored.But sure misses his daddy whenever he has been working late for a few days! Oh well, at least he has a job,right!A very hectic,stressful and demanding job! I feel for him too.Poor guy,him staying up till 4 in the mornings fixing issues- after working all day...
Ok, I better leave this note here, I have to get Waaiz ready for bed and then work on a cake that has to be ready on life...Interesting! If only I could be a kid again!!!

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