Friday, June 19, 2009

Maa daa laadla :D

yes,Maa daa laadla is definitely spoiled :D and no this post is not about Waaiz...
(Note: Maa daa = mother's ; Laadla = spoiled (well, not literally but pretty close to what it means -lol ) and here he is!
He is our spotlight backyard baby these days.This cute little baby bird who decided to spend his early childhood days in our backyard trees and wants to make memories by picking fresh,ripe and juicy grapes from my grapevine!
We are having the time of our life,watching him grow and change every week.Such a great learning opportunity for Waaiz.
The above picture was taken about 2 weeks ago when I first spotted him.Momma bird kept bringing yummy food to him and he would sit on this branch with his mouth wide open for yummy bugs.Here,see for yourself.
Then he started to become a little more friendlier and kept checking us out by hopping by our living room window and hanging out in our patio.Here he is having a conversation with Waaiz :)
He has finally figured out that we are his human family and don't want anything from him other than a few cool pictures :D So, every morning, he sits on my window and chirps in his tiny voice and makes mama get out of bed and put some birdy food out in the backyard.Then the chirping starts back again around noon,and then in the evening...he's such a baby!
(reminds me of the poem we used to sing when we were kids,"bulbul ka baccha ,khata tha khicri, peeta thaa paani,gaata thaa ganay,mairay serhanay" haha,for translations, send me an email,I promise it is nothing you wouldn't like :D)
One day I caught him red handed,sneaking up on my grapevine having a feast on our grapes.
...and of course I being a tough loving momma, gave him a time out.Here he is looking all sad and ashamed at being disobedient!
Ever since this little guy came into our backyard,we have been sensing a tense environment of protective and competitive bird behaviour.Every time I feed the birds in my backyard(the way I have always done),things take an interesting twist! here...see for yourself.
get it? yes, Mama bird and Papa bird beat the heck out of all the old attendees of our backyard diner/cafe/buffet whatever you call it!And trust me,their magic is real...the bird traffic is coming to a minimum in our backyard ever since papa bird and mama bird flexed their muscles!
The day after the scary stormy weather,Waaiz and I went to the backyard to check on our little buddy and to our surprise, he was still there :D yayyyy God is amazing!He protected this tiny little creature in strong winds and crazy rains.
But I found a nest flipped upside down on the grass :( I tried to see if there were any baby birds by the nest and found two little eggs.So sad :( But the good part was that Waaiz got a pretty close look at the construction of a bird's nest and their eggs :D You learn something new everyday!
We picked them up and set 'em up in our patio,hoping some bird would like to adopt the pair :D
The next morning,our smarty baby bird was trying to check it out! or was he stealing little twigs from the nest to make one of his own!Whatever he was doing,I caught him from my window and took these pictures.

yes, I know mommy LOVES taking pictures just like a paparazzi!

Finally I leave you with this fun the real birdy!
yayyy you have the correct answer :D for that you will get ....Juicy yummy grapes.Fresh from our grapevine.Enjoy!

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