Friday, June 5, 2009 far so good!

yup! so far so good.2 down one more to go.
I should be done with this cake in a few hours.the third tier's top is frosted and now I will go work on the sides,I just had to sit down for a few minutes to take a break from standing on the kitchen floor for about 3 hours now :(
After icing and smoothing the tiers,I have to put the support pillars in the bottom two tiers and then they will be stacked and then i have to adhere the dragee's on all three tiers and wrap the burgundy/gold ribbon at the bottom of each tier.By that will probably be dinner time and I will be too tired to post pictures of the finished,see y'all tomorrow with pictures of the beautiful cake!till then is what they look like right now.
So here they are as of now...Waiting in the chiller :D
They look so good,Thanks God, and thanks so much to Ms Sharon! Right now...I feel very happy and relaxed.once they get firm,I will be stacking them and then comes the fun part of decorating them :D can't wait!

and here is the 10" round which will be the middle tier.

UPDATE: Here is the finished cake :D I LOVED the way it turned out.Very happy with it.Tell me how you like it!

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