Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you going to finish STRONG?

One thing I get from a lot of people is," How come you are ALWAYS happy?" and "Life's not a joke,you can't handle it this way" or "you can't have a happy go lucky nature ALL the time" and perhaps I am considered to have a " Non serious attitude" too :)
My point, TTWP! This Too Will Pass.Whatever it is.... If I stay positive and don't complain or whine ... I KNOW I will finish strong whether I win or loose! Are you going to finish strong?
I guess I stay happy and positive in every situation,because I know I am VERY blessed.God has blessed me with everything we need to live our everyday life.I can't complain.He has been extra kind to me...I cannot ask Him for more.
So here is to all my friends who are feeling a little sad today,or to those who are in situations that make them wonder,"Why Me?" Cheer up look around you,see for yourself your problems are not bigger than your will power!


Anonymous said...

I love this positive spirit in you. This is the key to a happy life ..

Anonymous said...

oh wow! Thank you for posting that link here....I still think of it often....it sounds like that video made as much an impression on you as it did me !

onmymission said...

do you mind if I add a link to your blog on mine?

Tammy (Fxmomto3)

Desert Rose said...

oh what an honor! sure go for it Tammy,I'd love to see your blog :)

Artese said...

Thank you for sharing this~It lifted me up.