Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love at first sight!

I got a chance to do my favorite thing in the world :) WINDOW SHOPPING FOR SHOES!!!
Yup, this is right...ONLY window shopping for now...I am trying to reach a goal before I go and buy me a pretty pair of sandals.Pretty strong for motivation,huh..well, it works for me.haha
As I was walking through the rows and rows of pretty sandals,I saw these and I just had to try them...they were cute and looked pretty when I tried them on.
Here is a better shot.I didn't buy these because I didn't knew when I'd wear them - lol

ah.... I am so hopeless!


Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Like Papa's joke goes: Itnay jootay paray hain, phir bhee aap key tasallee nahin hoi?

Desert Rose said...

lol true that :)
I know...I have like over 65 pairs of shoes ;p

Anonymous said...

yes me too! I want one of those!where did you find them?

Anonymous said...

omg ! I have to have those shoes!!!
they are stunning -- just like you :)

Margo :)