Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Market in this World :)

Yes, I LOVE World Market.So they sent me a coupon via their emails for a Free Tote.I had to run to the store and claim it, since Free is my middle name :D
It turned out to be a fun afternoon at this World of wonderful and beautiful treasures,cause my wonderful hubby decided he wanted to join us in this adventure!So off we went exploring the World of wonderful things.As a reward of his sweetness,he also got a Free Tote :)
I found an orange hat that was too loose for my head, otherwise I would have TOTALLY brought it home.
I just had to buy me one of these bamboo curtains.The one I bought from World Market a few years ago was falling apart and I needed a new Maani found one for under $15 ,isn't he da bomb :D
here I am showing off my curtain and my hat.
Of course,Waaiz had to try a hat too.Cute!
These vases were soooooo pretty,I wanted to get one in every color.
ooh and the pretty Indian Jewelry.
OK, If you know the kind of neat freak I am,you won't be surprised to see this picture...I LOVE organizing gear :)
...and of course,some of my friends call me "Candle Queen" and that I sure am!
This room divider was just absolutely beautiful!
And these tiny cookware items reminded me of on of my cookware sets from my childhood.I had one just like this one.I still use one of the little bowl as a spoon rest in my kitchen :)

Do you have a World Market in your area!I'd say check it out.Its a pretty neat place to shop and window shop.Plus, their collection of different types of yummy chips is just out of this world.I LOVED their Veggie chips I tried today.Low fat,Love Carb,Low Calorie and Low price,just PERFECT!
I certainly enjoyed my trip to World Market.Oh and the Free Tote is pretty cute too...Here, see for yourself
cute, isn't it :D
Tell me what neat stuff you found at World Market,I'd love to hear from ya!
Till next time.tata.


Shantell said...

That is awesome! And your son is your TWIN! lol my son looks just like me, too.
You've gotta take me to that store one day! I love knick knack stuff like that!!!! Goin to bed, I will talk to you tomorrow. And those cake balls look so good!
Gnite hun!

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Awesome! Waaiz looks like an Amigo. Oh, and that utensil set from the childhood. We all remember it quite well. It's well kept, too.
Remember that water fountain I bought with you in 2007? I am thinking I should make a plaster of paris shape out of it, take the water pump and lights out of the original fountain and fit them all in the plaster of paris thing. What do you think? If you see some interesting samples, put them on the blog. If I succeed, I'll put photos on mine. Maybe clay would be the way to go, but perhaps dropping water stream might break it eventually.

Desert Rose said...

:) Thanks shantell.Yes he is my twin.LOVE IT!

Desert Rose said...

oh yes, I still have 2 pcs of that utensil set.
Yes I do remember that who uses it now? do you have it at your house!
ummm plaster of paris probably won't be a good idea, how ever you can use some molding clay and give it a try.
I will send some pictures and hopefully tutorials your way.
BTW, are you at LUMS or that famous Arts College in Lhr,your creative juices are flowing :)