Monday, August 3, 2009

Butterfly Taste buds???

While I was mowing my yard this morning...I found a cute little butterfly around my butterfly garden.But to my surprise the butterfly was constantly flying around the mower and over my head.
So I stop the mower and run inside the home to grab my camera.When I came back I found the Butterfly sitting on the fuel tank lid of the mower...I got closer but she didn't seem to mind,it seemed like she was sipping the gas that spilled from the container when I was refilling the lawn mower.haha.
So she had her tummy full and sat there for a very long while.And let me take these beautiful shots :)
Then there were these curious guys.They hang out around my back yard patio.They built a nest right on top of the patio.I think they like the make shift bird bath on top of Waaiz's sand box lid :)

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