Monday, August 3, 2009

Sugar adventures.

Red Velvet cake is a favorite among my boys! Both big K and little W LOVE Red Velvet cake.I however am not a big fan of any cake other than chocolate fudge cake..YUM!
We were meeting some friends this past weekend who also share the love of Red velvet cake,so I promised I will make it for them, but this time I wanted to try something new and different .So I figured the only thing better than RV Cake are the Red Velvet Cookie treats.
I used the Bakerlla recipe to make these cookies.
Here are the dough balls :) pretty cute.
Here they are nice and warm...smelling delicious :)
These were a big hit in my home and pretty much half of them are gone.I see Daddy and Son sitting on the table with a glass of milk and some of these cookies on a plate every day :D
A little closer...

This is what happens when you eat too many of these Red Velvet Cookies.
While I was at it..I threw in another recipe that my very good friend Peggy shared with me...super easy and super yummy Gooey Butter Cookies.

take a closer look,they even have chocolate chips in them.

What have you been baking? Tell me all about it :)

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