Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lady in Red :)

so...I have always loved this song.
But I didn't recognize my obsession with the color red until last week...haha and I thought I'd share.
So I was running errands on Friday and I stopped at the Costco Tire center for a regular air pressure check up for my car's tires...well I go there regularly for air pressure checks and tire changes everyone knows me and I know everyone there :)
This time...there was a new guy at work...he stepped towards my car and said,"Wow, that's a lot of RED" haha, then he opens the car door to check the number on the door...and see, a red cushion on the driver's seat,a red purse and a red winter jacket. poor guy! he smiled and said," WOW, you REALLY love red"
here is my red car,my red purse and my red winter jacket :)
oh boy, you bet I do love red :)
At the end of our busy errands trip I turned on the radio in the car and the song that just started playing was... yup you guessed it right :) LADY IN RED. my son said," Mama, there is your song,since you are wearing a red jacket and driving a red car :)
I just started noticing all the red things I have :)

That same evening...I stopped by at a friend's house and she gifted me a nice big decorative platter...and it was RED!!!
haha too funny...even the couches in my living room are red..
I went home and started baking what I promised my son I will bake for him...I bet you cannot guess what I baked...RED VELVET COOKIES!!!

ooh I am SO the Lady in Red in my all time favorite dress :)

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