Sunday, November 1, 2009

Introducing....Scooby Khan.

W's birthday is coming...he will be 8 yrs old on Nov 3rd :)WOW! time just flew...he was a tiny little baby in my arms like yesterday!Now he is a big boy!!! A big boy, who loves to give mommy and Baba hugs and kisses... and who doesn't mind getting squeezed by my hugs :) he is my little cuddle bunny.
I asked him if he'd like to make a stuffed toy for his birthday and he,after reminding me... "likes Bakugan Toys MORE than Build A Bear toys" admitted that he would love to have a new bear in is collection.
So of to Build A Bear we go!
Here he is...he picked up a cute bear and is pumping the paddle to stuff it :)

This year, he put 3 hearts in the bear ,1 for each of us...Him,Baba and Me,aww he is such a cutie!
He even made 3 wishes, he did share them with me... but asked me not to share them with any one yet! At least not until these wishes come true.OK boss,I'm on it.Your little secret is safe with me :) Sorry for the "suspense",I will be sharing those wishes soon here.Stay tuned.
Here he is...happy with his new friend.Oh he named him, "Scooby Khan"
Scooby looks pretty happy too!