Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Fun!

Ah...the month of November...what a fun month...both of my boys celebrate their birthdays in November...little boy's big day falls on Nov3rd and Daddy celebrate his birthday on Nov 11Th.
Waaiz's birthday party is a whole 'nother blog post in itself :) which I shall be composing soon.
Big K's birthday was fun too...W and I planned that we will surprise daddy by showing up in his office with a cake :)So we just did that.
I made a yummy double chocolate fudge cake and decorated it with chocolate ganache and topped it with silvered almonds(daddy's fav)
and off we drove to daddy's office, 50 mins later we were in the parking lot,just when he left for his lunch break.PERFECT TIMING!

Maani thought I was out and about running errands,he didn't have a clue that he will be seeing us in 15 mins at his desk :)
I had asked one of his very nice co worker to meet us at the front desk,so he can escort me and W to Maani's cubicle.So with our visitor's pass and a cake in my hand, we went upstairs and set the cake by Maani's computer.

After some extraordinary long 15 mins, Maani showed up in his cube with a cup o coffee in his hand and just stopped when he saw the cake with all these candles burning on it :) ( I was afraid to set the whole office on fire,heehee)
He LOVED the surprise...W got a kick out of sneaking up on daddy like was a whole new adventure for him :), for me... ah it's one of my speciality to throw surprises like that =) I LOVE getting surprises...which I don't get very often..but I just absolutely love surprising people.
Here is big K,our birthday boy...pretty happy with his cake :)
Then when he came back home in the evening,W insisted that all of us should go out and "celebrate" their birthdays once more,by eating some yummy pancakes at IHOP! So off to IHOP we went...W proudly informed the IHOP staff that he and daddy are birthday boys :) So the nice peeps at IHOP brought them this yummy treat :)

Here are the birthday boys posing with their birthday treat.

Here is big K!

and the junior Khan

look mama! a pecan!!!

YUMMY!! much love !!! I can't thank God enough for blessing with these lovely guys in my life!
I just want to thank them for loving me for who I am and putting up with me :)
Love you boys!

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