Friday, November 20, 2009

What can this be???

...can you guess!!! oooh the suspense ;)
It is a ring box that I made yesterday...with gum paste and fondant.For two very precious friends,who promised to spend their lives together...what a huge honor this was for me to be a part of this beautiful event.
My friend Jeff asked me on Monday, if I can make a ring box for him,he will be asking our beautiful friend Tina to marry him on Nov 20th.And since both of them absolutely love chocolate...I immediately knew the ring box will have a little chocolate cake inside :) MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE FOR TINA!!!eeeekkkk, how am I gonna be able to keep it a secret from Tina when all I wanted to do was to call and congratulate her.BUT I have a very good history of keeping secrets :D LOL! Here are my beautiful friends,Tina and Jeff ,aren't they cute together :D
and ofcourse Waaiz absolutely adores his Aunt Tina and Uncle Jeff, and they love him too.

I saw our mutual friend Monica twice this week and I had that itch to just start jumping and screaming and let Monica know,"yayyyyy our Tina is getting engaged", but NOPE!!! I had to control.Trust me it was definitely NOT easy.
Needless to say I was thrilled and honored.Jeff graciously left everything about the box on me.
I knew a Tiffany Blue color will be perfect for the ring box...I asked Ms Sharon Zambito for color matching advice...and she being a sweetheart she has always been gave some accurate suggestions :) THANK YOU MS SHARON! YOU ROCK!!!
I picked up my Tiffany perfume box and brought it in the kitchen and started mixing colors in my gum paste...finally I had started the process of measuring and cutting... I needed an inspiration,my gorgeous friend Margo sent me a beautiful Tinker Bell pin a few weeks ago and it came in a cute little box,PERFECT!!! I used that box as my inspiration.
Here are the gum paste box peaces,drying.
3 days of on and off work and waiting for the gum paste pieces to dry...finally I assembled the box on Thursday.
Friday morning I cleaned up the melted chocolate I used for attaching the pieces together and dusted the box with some nice luster dust to make it look like satin.

Then I attached the silk ribbon bow.

Finally the box was completely done!I sent a text message to the happy guy and informed him that his ring box is ready to be picked up :)
He stopped by our house a little later and was very happy to see it :) Mission accomplished!!!
A few hours later , I get a call from the happy couple,saying they loved the ring box and loved the cake :) Another Mission accomplished!!! I was at a pie competition party at Monica's house and when I mentioned this to Tina, she immediately wanted to talk to Monica.Us three girls...on the phone..all happy and joyful :) what a beautiful moment!
I loved keeping this whole thing a surprise from my friend Tina and every one else :) I love love love surprising people..and this was by far the best one ever!
Tina and Jeff, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement.Maani, Waaiz and I are SO happy for you guys.You guys are so cute together.We wish you a blessed life together.

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