Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Christmas... Red everywhere :) candy in red packages,lotions with red wrappers and tags,cosmetic and red teddy bears in red baskets,department stores use bright red bags for this season.Even the Santa wears RED :D well, the love I have for the color red...I just love it :) RED IS IN THE AIR! and that makes me happy :D
As we were getting out of Barnes and Noble(and a few other stores that had fabulous sales advertised :) Maani pointed towards the sea of red cars...well not quite a sea,but 5 in a row!I just loved it :)

Just thought I'd share.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cracking the code for a Cotton Crochet Cardigan!

Quite a tongue twister,eh!
Well, I wanted to crochet something for myself to wear.And I love Spring cardigans.I came across this gorgeous cardigan and want to crochet a similar version for myself.
I love the bell sleeves and the gorgeous brown color.
I looked for hours and hours online and in my collection of crochet books, hoping to find a similar crochet pattern...but so far no luck! I think I will head to the bookstore to search Crochet books.
I know the body of the cardigan is basically chain so many and then sl st at a chain,and the bottom part is the Pineapple Stitch.I wish this was enough information to crochet this beauty for myself!!! but nope...I can't seem to crack the code on this one.
Send me your suggestions and any clues or just to wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

and this is why I love him ;)

...for all that he is and for all that he does for me :) as if that wasn't enough...he loves working with me in the kitchen when I am baking yummy goodies!
Gotta love a handy husband ;)
A few days ago I came across a recipe for Spinach pies,YUM! I had to try making them.
I added chicken,corn,peas, potato cubes and bell pepper cubes to the spinach and it was YUMMY!!! They were super easy and super yummy.
I researched a lot and found all the recipes related to this kind of pie..pretty similar to each other.You can view an easy version here.
Guess who helped me in the kitchen??? My handsome Jeep guy ;) ( he loves wearing his Jeep Hoodie that I got him for his birthday last year)
he made half of the pies,he did a pretty neat job!and didn't even make a mess in my kitchen
just look at the perfection ;) pretty impressive,eh!
gawd I love his hands ;)
and he laid them all neatly in the baking tray :)

Try them,they are pretty cute and fun.
pretty handsome,huh! good looking and practical,just like my Maani!!! :D

me like Cookie :D

so last two days I have been busy busy baking different kinds of cookies for Christmas :)
I have to say,I have never been this busy and enjoyed baking this much before!I haven't tried my hands on baking cookies a lot in the past but I must admit I am getting addicted to cookie baking ;) shhhh don't tell my friends :)
just look at this beauty :) wouldn't you love baking it ;) these were the lemon sandwich cookies.They smelled so fresh and ...well Lemony!
All the recipes I tried were from various cookie books.
I will be posting those recipes here soon!
Maani and Waaiz helped me packing the cookie baskets.End result was pretty cute.Not bad at all for the first time.
This morning,Maani played Santa at his office.He took several cookie baskets as presents to his co workers.I hope they enjoy them.
Last night I put on my Santa Hat and took cookie baskets to some friends.It was a lot of fun.Joy oh joy!
Here,enjoy some pictures.
a little closer
see the chocolate mint brownie square in the above picture! YUM!
are you drooling yet?
They were even pretty from the back :)
one last look before they all disappear :)
gosh these were tempting :) but I baked so much that I didn't even feel like tasting any single one of these cookies, now the boys!!! they LOVED tasting each and every one of the different variety :) They were my quality control officers since the last two days.
OK, people, now I am off to play Santa again and distribute more of these baskets...till next time,eat a cookie!