Friday, December 11, 2009

Cracking the code for a Cotton Crochet Cardigan!

Quite a tongue twister,eh!
Well, I wanted to crochet something for myself to wear.And I love Spring cardigans.I came across this gorgeous cardigan and want to crochet a similar version for myself.
I love the bell sleeves and the gorgeous brown color.
I looked for hours and hours online and in my collection of crochet books, hoping to find a similar crochet pattern...but so far no luck! I think I will head to the bookstore to search Crochet books.
I know the body of the cardigan is basically chain so many and then sl st at a chain,and the bottom part is the Pineapple Stitch.I wish this was enough information to crochet this beauty for myself!!! but nope...I can't seem to crack the code on this one.
Send me your suggestions and any clues or just to wish me luck ;)


onmymission said...

Oh that is beautiful. I knit, but cannot get onto crocheting....but my mom sure loves to and she is generally pretty good at looking at something and crocheting it....but she hasn't done anything more than barbie clothes in many years.....buuuut, I'm going to see if I can copy this pic from your blog and send it to her and see what she comes up promises, though, but will try!

Marilyn Yarbrough said...

I saw the cardigan on your blog and fell in love with it. I've been searching for a similar pattern ever since. Then I stumbled across it. The pattern for this Spring Cardigan is on The patter was only $3.50. To buy it already made is $138. I only bought the pattern. I will try to paste the web site

Marilyn Yarbrough said...

The pattern site for this cardigan I bought at was cheap enough, but the instructions are confusing and unclear. I'm not a very good crocheter, and I need clear, precise instructions.

Desert Rose said...

Thank you for visiting my bloggy.
And thank you so much for the etsy pattern link. Yes I found that pattern a few weeks ago and bought it. I have orders and projects lined up... 6 more hats and one baby blanket and a couple of baby sun dresses and I will look into the pdf.
I am sorry it was confusing... hmm I have to look into that. I will keep you posted as I start crocheting it.
If you are on Facebook. I have a page for my crochet and knit pictures.
Thank you so much for visiting. and please stay in touch. I can be reached at