Monday, February 15, 2010 you think you can bake??? ugh!!!!!!

Last few years I have been searching for an authentic recipe for "nan khatai"- a short bread cookie we used to eat when we were little.Now I have tried many many different recipes from various blogs and books...nothing turns out like the real thing.Many recipes are missing necessary details and sometimes even the critical ingredients are not even mentioned in the recipe! How insane is that.
Recently I found a couple of videos of some South Asian "chefs".They are good at doing what they do on TV- Act and COOK!!! but can they bake??? You be the judge! Just look at this mess...
these were supposed to be about 3/4" thick discs of yummy goodness...but following their recipe ended in nan khatai turning into an almond crisp!
How frustrating...this was a recipe of a "chef" who failed to mention that these call for baking SODA instead of baking POWDER!!! and didn't even bother to tell the audience the baking temperature of the cookies.
It is so sad to see people from our countries being fooled by such "cooks" who think they can bake... but fail to explain the difference between a cupcake and a muffin or the difference between a cookie and a biscuit! Seriously.
As if this wasn't enough...they aren't even ashamed to tell their audience to "eyeball" the baking is what one of the "chefs" said in their show about baking cookies and cakes. " First you turn your oven ON at full heat, then when you are ready to put your cookie sheet/cake pan in there,turn the heat to "HALF" and then stick the tray on the 3rd rack of your oven and bake" O.O SERIOUSLY!!! Is this how you are supposed to BAKE???
Such a sad advice...if you can't bake, then stick to teaching your audience how to cook yummy authentic Indian/Pakistani foods.Most of the people who are presenting cooking shows on South Asian TV are pretty good at cooking our traditional dishes and I have learnt many new things from their webisodes.I just wish they'd stop misleading people who are learning to bake! Not to mention, it is such a waste of our time and ingredients :(
I am off to find the perfect recipe for these yummies...and wont give up until I find it :)
Now Waaiz, who helped me bake this "childhood favorites" of mine...still liked the taste and crispiness of this failed cookies :)
Oh well, at least one of us was happy!

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