Friday, February 5, 2010

This child of mine...

So I wanted to share my awwww moment with all of you guys :)
When I was at the video shoot for the Winsor Pilates DVDs, I wore a coral shirt,not a color that I usually wear,I do like it,but never had it in my wardrobe.I loved how it looked on me and the fabulous makeup artist Adam Christopher used a coral lip gloss for me and I just had to get myself a lip gloss like that :) as for some reason I had bought 3 different tops in coral color in December.
On my recent visit to Ulta, I found myself a beautiful shimmery coral lip gloss that I couldn't wait to try.I got home and couldn't find it in my bags :( needless to say,I was very sad and disappointed. Waaiz as always offered to help and Maani also pitched in( gotta love helpful boys) .
Poor Waaiz searched through my huge collection of purses and makeup,but even he couldn't find it.He was sad for mommy's loss :(
Maani,being the sweetheart he is, said "Its OK, you can always get another one".
Later on that night,after dinner Waaiz came up to me and asked me to close my eyes, I did and he handed me a paper.Do you wanna see what it was? Well here it is :)
It was a beautiful handmade card!!!As instructed on the card,I lifted the top page,and it revealed this...

Can you read what it says? It just melted my heart!!! It said,
" Check out this side,kind of worth that lip gloss!!
<------ before looking at the "thing" inside, think about what could be inside; ok?"
oh, do y'all need Kleenex? I know I did!!!
Now I HAD to look in the "pocket" that he made on the other side of the page.Here is what that looked like...
It had $$ signs on it :)pretty cute,eh!
tada!!!! He gave me handmade $100 bill :) How cute is that!!!

and then he gave me his nice big hug and said, " Now you don't have to be sad over losing that lip gloss, now you have more money to get you another one.And I hope it is enough to buy a lip gloss".
gawd!! this kid just knows how to melt mommy's heart!!! such an affectionate boy he is...I wonder how lucky his wife will be :) Probably as lucky as I he gets this tenderness from his daddy! Maani,THANK YOU for being kind,gentle and caring towards me and everyone around you,so Waaiz can follow your steps!!!
here is a picture of my precious card.

I remember how everyone at the Studios in California kept praising Waaiz on his artistic skills, I hope to God,Waaiz continues to follow his love for creative arts and never loses sight of the real things in life- Love and Care!!!
Love you my child.THANK YOU for making my life a whole lot brighter.

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Anonymous said...

You are beautiful Haniya!! Definitely model material!! I'm totally jealous. :)