Friday, March 26, 2010

The adventures of Khans in Pilatesland (Part V)

You know what they say about true love. It is bound to find you when you least expect it :)
On our last day in CA, I spotted two fabulous stored on my morning run route barely a mile from our hotel. $8 shoe outlet and All Tops $5 boutique. Now it was my turn to be a kid in the candy store. Or simply put a girl in a shoe store :) sweet Maani fulfilled his promise of letting me shop and patiently waited for me to finish shopping and browsing before we head back to LAX to catch our flight.
Waaiz enjoying the view from the airport shuttle but he kept saying he wishes if we could stay a few more days, poor baby! I felt the same way too :( Neither one of us wanted to come back ...
The view from the waiting lounge at LAX was beautiful ...
Me and my little buddy waiting for to board the plane back home .. but wishing that this vacation never ended :(
Maani kept promising for a near future trip back to CA ... to make YZ and me feel a little bit better and happy.
(Waaiz took this picture, we are so proud of him, he did an excellent job)
This view of the snow capped mountain was just breath-taking ...
Waiting and watching our plane getting ready ...
Look!! Our luggage being loaded ... ya this particular one was my main concern,it had my beautiful yoga mat from Tracey and all the pretty tops I bought from that awesome store!LOL
Waaiz is telling his kitty don't worry we will visit CA again ...
Bye bye CA!!! :(
A beautiful aerial view of CA shore line ...
Just in case you are wondering ... many thanks to our little Captain for flying us back home safe and sound!! Good job!! Looking handsome buddy ...
It was a remarkable and memorable week full of many once-in-a-life-time events .. God blessed us in so many unexpected ways we never even imagined!! So many blessings were showered upon us, so many doors opened, so many dreams came true ... and the best part was being blessed by the company of kind and humble people who were truly proud of what I did for myself. For people who were strangers one moment and friends for life the next. For people with hearts as bigger than the oceans. This goes out to Mari, Adam, Tracy, Darrel, Ken, Tracy M, Chonito, and the whole script to screen team. Thanks you all for making this wonderful time of our lives even more beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see ya'll again.

This brings us to the end of our much awaited CA trip blog post series. I appreciate each and everyone of you for patiently waiting for this blog post. I hoped you enjoyed it. I can't wait to hear from you.
Love you all.

The adventures of Khans in Pilatesland (Part IV)

Celebrate today! You bet we will :D
yayyy Disneyland FINALLY! Many Thanks to our sweet friend Adam Christopher for the Disneyland tickets.We love you Adam.

Downtown Disney was so beautiful.
I just loved this street with these giant Palm trees.
Downtown Disney square.
so many interesting stores.
everything was just "happy" in Disneyland :) it definitely is the happiest place on earth.
kid size golden gate bridge.
Engine Ear Toys :D
still walking to get inside the theme park.More palm trees and more walking.
look! its Lightening McQeen.
oh how much I loved this river raft ride.It was so much fun,but we got off the raft all wet and cold. Not a good idea on a cold day ... we all enjoyed this ride anyways. YZ even wanted to ride again :)
Another nice shot ...
We missed the entrance, and then went all the way around it to find the same entrance that we missed :)
Desperately trying to dry ourself in the sun. My pullover was so wet that I had to take it off because I was so cold.
Look!! It's Mickey ... you see the scary roller coaster in the background? Believe it or not YZ and I rode this tallest and scariest ride to give Maani a company .. I didn't open my eyes all the while I was on the roller coaster. But YZ surprisingly enjoyed this thrill ride and had so much fun!!!!
haha .. I love this sign
say cheese!!!
Looks like goofy has been eating my red velvet cookies :)
some more of the amazing stuff .. Tower of Horror!!!
This painting in the background was so realistic that it just blended with the surrounding buildings. And it was difficult to tell where the real buildings end and the painting starts ... amazing!!!!
Can you hear me now ???
.. this is how you keep a long distance relationship alive :)
Monster, Inc. Joy ride
I thought this was funny :)
W met some old friends ... Monsters!!!
They kept telling each other "You are incredible", "No, You are incredible" ... haha
And of course Mr. Incredible got a big hug from W
two fabulous divas :)
ah, when you are in love it just shows
Lawrence of Amphibia, wow! I have a feeling this one is going to win some big awards :)
So pretty!!
I had to wait over 10 minutes to take this picture ... there were so many people and it seemed impossible to get all the letters in one picture without capturing someones head and butt in front of it :)
"N" is for nagging .. err Naseem :)
Finally it was time to give our legs some rest and hop on a train for a little ride ...
New Orleans baby!!
I just noticed all three of us were wearing blue, and it was interesting coincidence :)
oh how I wish to visit New Orleans someday!
We had to stand here and read all the instructions before we enter the temple :)
We were so exhausted, so we decided to take a boat ride through the amazon rain forest :)

I think our little chef inspired this gorilla to make banana bread :)
how much longer these guys can hang on for dear life, haha :)
aaw, a magical place indeed ...
cuddling with your little buddy works wonders when you are tired of walking for hours and hours ..
The Khans with M&M
you got a friend in me :)
we took a submarine ride to find Nemo and his friends!!!
It was hard to believe that it was almost time to go home. We had 10 minutes before the park closed, so we had to rush to the mono-capsule stop to take us to the exit :(
It was tiring but a memorable day :)
Finally the ride arrived ...
And this was the end of a wonderful day and amazing experience!!!!