Friday, March 26, 2010

The adventures of Khans in Pilatesland (Part II)

Right after Waaiz and I got out of the Pilates studio (which was bitter sweet-sigh!) But we were so excited for our visit to the Santa Monica Pier.Which was about less than 4 miles from our hotel.So off to Ocean Blvd we went!
It was a cold,windy and rainy day but we wanted to go visit the ocean.So we braved the crazy wind gusts.
The beautiful view of the pier.
These little guys ran funny when the waves melted into the sand.
he was having the time of his life!
he was so happy to be at the SM Pier again after so many years :)
we met some friends!
W and I fed the birds at the pier.It was so much fun.
It was getting dark,windy,cold and rain was starting to come down!
The huge blobs of rust on the pillars- ScArY!!!
We met a few Pelicans at the pier :)
and these guys SNAP!!! haha
view from the other end of the pier.
memorable family photo :) we were all FREEEEEEEEZZZZZING!
Second round of feeding the birds.
Look at all these friends he got!
hotels and apartments by the pier.
look I found a jogging trail :)
oh oh,it is getting dark.We decided it is time to say bye bye to the ocean and head to the very fun Third Street.
Some more pictures of the little shops at the Pier.
Waaiz and I had so much fun.We loved visiting the ocean,despite the cold weather.
Some game place.
walking back towards the Ocean Blvd.
yayyy finally we are there !
He loved these dinosaurs.
Me and my buddy!
Big K and junior K reading a book.
haha he really did like those Dinos.
It was getting late and we were all tired,hungry and did I mention COLD!!! So we found some places to grab a bite to eat.Big K found...well yup! he found what he likes the most.Falafel- yucky deep fried unhealthy Falafel.
While me and my healthy buddy went for a healthy Veggie sandwich at Subway!haha.
It was a long and tiring day,but we had so much fun! We called the guys at the hotel front desk to send the Shuttle for our pick up.We slept really good that night and of course we needed that good night's sleep for our next adventure in the morning =) More on that in Part III.

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