Friday, March 26, 2010

The adventures of Khans in Pilatesland (Part III)

Pretty street,eh!I had to take this picture :)
The next day we decided to tour the city and tried not to get out of the car much,as it was going to be another rainy,cold and windy day!
Oh yea, Sunset Blvd.
yayyy Jerry Lewis :)
haha, I thought this was so funny!and this guy was such a good sport about being photographed.He said,if I'd pay him 25cent he'd smile and if I'd pay him another 25cents,he'd stand up and make a "hungry and need money" face. :D
We went to the Wax Museum.Waaiz loved this little scene from the Wizard of Oz.
I just love how realistic the tin man's face was,as if he'd just speak something right now!
Of course,Waaiz and his love for Jack Sparrow.
Weight loss rule # 3: REMEMBER TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER! :D
ha!she made it to the worst dressed list :)
Pilates bodies ;)
oh yea! he liked to pose with Peter Parker.
ahhh Mr McConaughey AND of course Waaiz :)

haha! Maani wanted to pull his ears for being mean :)
just in case you are wondering they are saying,that they are so amazed at my weight loss and can not believe how good I look! the lady is saying," I wish I could look like that" :D
ya! I think somebody should have done this a looooooonggggg time ago, but oh well, I did give her my jacket,I think she needed it ;)
High five to Mr Chan!
eeeeeeeeekkkkkk! he went for the throat!yikes!
is he pretending to be in a Submarine???
oh, while were in Hollywood,Waaiz was approached by the Transformers production team.I wish I could give you more details about his "upcoming movie" but here is all I can show you- just in case you are wondering,"what happens in Transformers 3"
awww another 3/3 family :) bawahhahahaaa!!!

Waaiz is ready for his acting debut but I am still considering the offer I got on Charlie Angel sequel.I have too much going on right now.haha!
but don't get me wrong,I can kick some serious butt when I have to!
And Maani received the "Hollywood's Best Dad" award :)
obviously,Maani had to jump in there too :)
I know! you are wondering, where is Haniya's picture pretending to be huge and round.Well, I think I already have tons of "before" pictures looking like this,I just said No thank you :D
It was a fun day, we went so many places,took tons of pictures...and finally it stopped raining.The city started to get busy and bright with all the city lights.
We were all hungry,so Maani tried to convince me to go to this one restaurant,where he ate 12 years ago,when he first came to California for some work related stuff.
I've heard about this place ever since I met Maani,so you can imagine how excited he was to be able to actually go and eat at that place again.
So off we go to "Al Watan" restaurant for some much needed food.Luckily it wasn't a bad drive,plus we had our handy,"Naggy Maggie"(that's what we named our trusty Magellan,you have to agree,she nags most of the time," when possible make a legal U turn,when possible make a legal ...." oh PLEASE!!! I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING!!! enough already.
There it is !!! Maani is like a kid in a Candy store right now :)

then our dinner came :) Maani's Nihari (see the butter floating???) BAD!!!
I went for chicken curry.I liked their naans.They were very flaky,crunchy and fresh.

Waaiz got Chicken Tikka.Which he didn't even touch!He went straight to his dad's Nihari.
All in all it was a fun day! We drove back to the hotel room and just crashed on the comfy beds.After all we had to get some rest for the next day.DISNEY!!! and that takes us to Part IV of this blog post.see ya then .

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