Sunday, April 4, 2010

I got a running buddy ♥

oh how long I have waited for this time to come :)
I can run while this child rides his bike without me having to help him.Waaiz is getting a kick out of finishing up his chores,earning money saving it and then making a trip to two of his favorite places,Jamba Juice and Subway to get a bite to eat and enjoy a nice smoothie.
I am super proud of my little man.just look at him-such a big boy :)
yayyy! he got himself a veggie sandwich with his own money :)
and a nice smoothie :) he made some friends too.
then some days he will sit there and read his favorite story book, Mike and his Bike :)
he really loves that smoothie :)
time to ride the bike back home.
We always have time to stop and smell the flowers :)
oh how much I love the fact that he joins me in my runs and makes them even more fun!

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