Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sugar madness...

so I have been CrAzY busy working with fondant and gum paste...trying to learn,finish,try,make gum paste flowers...
The pink gum paste 5 petal flowers and roses are for my friend's wedding cake...3 different shades of pink and 3 different stages of a rose.I learnt how to make gum paste roses by watching Edna's awesome tutorial on you tube.She is amazing!!!
Day 1 of rose making...some roses and many many rose centers drying.
Tada!!! It took me a whole week to finish all these roses and tiny 5 petal flowers...
I think there are about 100 roses! yikes!!!
I also found a tutorial for Calla Lily on her youtube channel.
Then I made red roses for my sister in law's birthday cake.
While I was doing that...I thought about trying my hand at Tulips,so I made a few of those as well.
These red roses,tulips and callas are going to be decorated on the gift box cake I will be making on Friday :D Here is the lid and 4 side panels drying on Maani's pingpong table.
These will be assembled on a butter cream iced cake, I can't wait to see how it all looks together.Ms Sharon's DVD motivated me to try this design.I hope I can make her proud.
Then just when I thought I could wash all the nasty greasy shortening off my hands...Ms Sharon made these fabulous Ranunculus for a wedding cake and I was so tempted to try my hand at those.So here we go...
This was my inspiration for my flower...
and this is the one I made :)
I still had some left over gumpaste so I decided to put some flowers on the cake I will be making for my here they are drying :)they still need some luster dust and some pretty dots for centers.
oh..then I decided to try making some Plumerias,here they are...I have to get some yellow petal dust to dust the lower half of the petals to bring them to life and make them look like real Frangipani flowers :)
And, I almost forgot to show you the bow I made! Thanks to SugarShack's Boxes and Bows DVD and Planet cake's bows for inspiration :)
This is my first ever gum paste bow and I am loving it!!!
I'm telling ya... it is addicting!
As if all this wasn't enough I also was working on another one of my friend's wedding projects... I still have to finish her bridal bouquet by the mid of next week.But I finished decorating her gorgeous veil.
pretty rhinestones and pearls adore this delicate fabric! oh so cute.
ahhh I better get some rest now...I have to bake 3 cakes tomorrow.They are going to be so pretty.
One is the gift box,second is a pretty spring/summer cake with that big lavender flower on it and the third one is going to be a sunflower!which reminds me...I have to work on the 50 million petals for the sunflower...ok not exactly 50 millions but about 55 petals.oh boy! I should get some sleep now.I will be back with pictures of the finished projects,till then tata!


mannadonn said...

These flowers are beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished cakes. You are very talented. :-)

sharleen said...

You have done very outstanding Work..
i really appreciate you
God Bless you

Desert Rose said...

Thank you SO much,mannadonn and sharleen :)
God bless you too!