Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Frenzy :)

You all remember the flowers I was making?Well, I get to finish all 3 cakes on time this last Friday.Just in time for our road trip to Houston,TX.We went to visit our family and a very special friend,what better gift to bring than a cake!!!
I had so much fun working on these cakes,there were some new things I got to try( yeah right, make that family into my lab rats :D)
I tried,Paula Deen's 1-2-3-4 cake recipe.At first I didn't like it...but I loved the way it held up and the texture was perfect for tiered and carved cakes! I think that recipe is a keeper.
Then at the last minute I was one pan short of batter,so I asked Waaiz what cake he'd love to it and he said,Strawberry cake!well, I got online immediately to find a good Strawberry cake recipe and I found this one to be trustworthy :) LOVED IT!!! and thanks God I had fresh strawberries on hand.
I was so happy to have W working with me :) he loved attaching M&M's to the flowers and dusting the flowers with luster dust.He is such a good helper!
Just look at his precious little fingers...MELT!!!
ALL DONE!!! he did a great job...and check out the tiny little crumbs he made with gumpaste,ofcourse...he gets distracted :)
Saturday morning we loaded up the cakes in our Jeep,packed some snacks for the trip and hopped in the truck for a nice 5 hours drive.
This is how he kept himself busy :) { see, no Nintendo DS needed =) }
and...big K snacked his heart out on chips,apples,nuts etc.haha!I just love my boys <3
This one was for my sweet sister in law - to celebrate her birthday that weekend and her anniversary that was the weekend before :)
Here she is with her hubby and Waaiz :)
This cake was my first attempt at making a gift box cake,I enjoyed making it.I used Sharon Zambito's instructions to make a gift box cake and the lid.
Here is the lid of the was made with gum paste.
oh ...remember the flowers from the previous blog post? I learnt them from Edna's tutorials
Then I took this cake to my husband's nephew's house...and found out that it was his daughter's birthday that same day! SCORE!!! :D
And I made this cake for my gorgeous friend Skye.She loves Sunflowers...
Here she is loving her cake :)
I was so glad I got to meet Skye and her wonderful family.Look at W! he sure made some new friends.
Skye helped me stay motivated and focussed when I was trying to loose weight,she got me addicted to running :) She is a runner mama! and got some serious guns.She is such a sweet and kind person.I am so blessed to know her.Here we are :)
She got me this gorgeous windchime ...see it matched perfectly with my craft room :) She knows I LOVE lavender,pinks and purples.
phew! I was so exhausted,but at the end of the day...seeing your friends and family enjoy and brag about the cakes I made- TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
Now I am working on a few other cake projects,more flowers more cakes...FUN!!! I can't wait to share with you guys what I got in the mail a few days ago.
It is super exciting...I will be posting pictures and writing about it very soon.till then,tata!


Lorena said...

You are one busy lady! But it sounds like you enjoy life and that is so important. Of course, you are totally worth it my dear. See ya soon!

Annamari Aldana said...

oh and lucky you--W travels light
Anastacia has to have all the e gadgets--ds, dsi, psp, i touch yes dear even the father has to have all the gadgets
even our cellphones have movies and songs--yes even hindi songs lol