Sunday, April 11, 2010

You don't know what you got...

...until it is gone :)
I recently sold my Treadmill
and just yesterday I got rid of the swing set from the back yard!
Now don't get me wrong,I absolutely do NOT miss my treadmill AND I am very happy to see the swing set go to my neighbor's backyard where her beautiful kiddos will enjoy it :) yayy! plus look at all the space I have in the backyard now! yayyy more grass to mow.ugh.
I always knew I was going to get rid of both of these items...and I will miss them A LOT!!! not because I love to run on the treadmill AND I play around on the monkey bars and swing my heart out in this beautiful spring weather.I miss them because they provided a perfectly neat place to hang my laundry...sigh!!!
Good thing I still have this frame left from another swing that couldn't stand our beloved Texas sun :)
The reason why I kept this frame is because W is into gymnastics these days...BIG TIME!!! so he loves using it as his bars and frames for gymnastic practice,here...see for yourself! Straight from the rain forest,I present monkey :D
...and when he is not hogging it...I use it for my laundry :) yayyyyy for going green,save electricity and keep things off landfill! pretty smart,eh.
Oh did I mention I had to hand wash alllllllll these and many more outfits! a total of 4saris and close to 10 outfits...just because they were too delicate for my washer's "hand wash" setting! talk about a VERY achy back and sore and ugly looking hands :( but hey,now everything in my closet is clean and ready for summer.bring it on party people!!!

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