Sunday, May 9, 2010

B is for Blessings,B is for Boys,B is for Birthday!!!

I hope y'all had a very relaxing and blessed Mother's Day!I did.My boys and I celebrated Mother's Day and my birthday together.
Look at the card W made for me :) this is the front cover. See the apples and worms? so cute.
Look at the happy picture he made for me :)
awww! this melted my heart. It says,"Every body loves you...because you love every one" aww!!!
check out the pretty bird cheering for me ;)
oh there are more birds on my head :) check me out...doing the break dance,haha! I love my colorful outfit and wow those purple shoes are super cute.
of course there has to be strawberries on the card :)
and a birthday card as well, I got the Best Mom on Earth award ;)
wooohoooo!!! 30!!! :D
oh yea! I am a recycling mama!!! did you see the green recycling sign,so many details :) I am just surrounded by love.
heck ya! check me out with all the weights I am lifting and look at that big smile on my face,did you see my muscles? oh yes!!! I got some guns here in this picture.
Bet you never saw me working out in fancy high heels,huh!!! I'm cool like that ;)
then there was more!!!
... and that made me cry! My little chipmunk knows his momma really well.
here it says,"I have the coolest mom,why?Because she never stops trying.Even when she is hurt." comes...sniff sniff!!! I had to put the card down and squeeze him.
just look at me...walking on the rainbow :) check out the pretty cloths.And notice the green guy by the pot of gold! ah even the sun is happy.
oh...and then he saved the best for last...I had to open a box.A handmade box! with a pretty bow on it.
He said the cutest thing EVER!!! he said, he learnt how to make this box and bow by watching me make these out of gum paste for cakes...and by watching Sugar Shack's Boxes and Bows with me! haha...too cute.
Now that's a perfectly proportioned bow.I bet Ms Sharon is very proud of my munchkin :)
He said, he made 5 panels and then attached them together to make a perfect box with "sharp" corners...haha! Ms Sharon..I hope you are reading this :D
oh...the box was so pretty that I almost forgot to open it....
tada!!! I got new sunglasses.He knew my sun glasses broke last week,so he got me sunglasses for my birthday.awww what a sweet little heart :)
here are a few close ups of the card...look at the lovey hippo!
even the monkey,snake and bird are happy for me :)
my silly boys <3
oh I had to open what big K got for me ;) tada!!! A tiffany bag...what every girl wants.
He knows this is the ONLY perfume that I can tolerate without any headaches or vomiting.yup,I can't wear any other perfumes,if I do or someone around me is wearing some perfumes..I get horrible headaches and I usually throw up :( BUT!!! Tiffany is the ONLY brand of perfume that I can wear for hours and be happy :)
awwww love my sweet hubby <3
See the pretty white fabric? that's a skirt he bought for me!!!he heard me talk to Skye about how pretty she looked in that gorgeous white skirt...and he went and bought one for me :) aww.sure made my day!!!
I am SO excited to celebrate my birthday this year...for being able to reach my goals and live a healthy and happy life!Thank you God for all the blessings in my life.


Anonymous said...

This has got to be the sweetest things I've read EVER!
Thank you so much for sharing this! I love how blessed you are and that you are so loved
Have you ever read Proverbs 31 in the Holy Bible? You should! It's a poem written about a woman in this man's life! And you remind me of her! One of the lines...her children raise up in the morning and call her blessed, and so does her husband!
I love you girl!!! My heart is OVERFLOWING with ADORATION for you and your boys!!!!!!

Desert Rose said...

awww Skye <3