Monday, May 17, 2010

Ikea fun!

After planning and postponing for many many months,we finally got a chance to make a trip to Ikea...W needed a bigger storage cabinet in his room and it was time to get some practical stuff for the house.So...we had fun!I took some pictures along the way...the weather was beautiful and there were big puffy clouds on the sky...I just loved these :)
mmmm,cotton candy :)

look at the pretty rays...
...and he tried EVERY sofa,EVERY single bed and EVER chair they had at Ikea :) just look how cozy he is :)
then he found a perfect use for all the Ikea packaging boxes. A CAVE!!! that's what he made underneath the ping pong table.

It even had an "entrance label" and some misc decorations...
mi casa ,es batman casa!
check out the interior designing skills ;) he used allllllll the boxes he could find in the garage :)
gotta love childhood! God knows how long this cave will stay here in my game of now I know...W wants this cave to stay like this FOREVER!!! He wants to play in this cave with his best friend Daniel,and then after that he will do some "renovations" in the cave...hmm pretty cool.I am looking forward to that my creative little boy! <3
He knows just how to brighten my days :)just look at the pretty flowers he brought for me.

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