Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elmo Loves You and Cookie monster Loves Cookies :) Another Sky Blue cake!!!

what is up with everyone wanting Blue cakes...haha! must be THE COLOR of the season :)
So today I am working on this...
isn't it cute
I've already made Elmo,Cookie Monster and Big bird...they are drying on Maani's ping pong table right now :) and this humid and muggy weather is not helping at all... :(
Mr Elmo will be on the top tier...
and this is how cookie is supposed to look like
pretty close,eh!
emerging out of a present,like this...
big bird looks more like barbecue chicken tikka on skewers right now...all cut up into pieces,haha! but I promise I will put him together by tomorrow :)
so he will hopefully look like this
here is the making of the box...
inside is colorful too ;)
putting together
all done! pretty cheerful ,eh! see the stars inside the box...they will be attached to wires to go on the cake :)
and of course...a part hat for Elmo! as per my friend Amanda's suggestion...made out of colorful cardstock :) Thanks Amanda! you are a life saver <3
See the cookies for Cookie Monster...of course they are never enough!
I can't wait to see how this one turns out...Wish me luck and stay tuned,I will be back with the pictures of the completed cake tomorrow.Till then...tata!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cherry Love,Cuppy Love...Thanks to Cake Love ;)

We try to spend our Sundays at the Bookstores or cafe,nothing beats the triple digit Texas heat than being surrounded by books,sitting in a cozy chair with the aroma of coffee all around me ... can I say Heaven!!!
I came across this book by Warren Brown,Cake Love.I have seen his videos and I made his Yellow Butter Cake a few weeks ago.I was very impressed.I wanted to learn I picked up his book.I loved all the butter cake recipes...Sponges and pound cakes...not so much,as I usually don't make pound cakes or sponge cakes.
I stopped at the Cherry Chip Chocolate cupcake recipe...something about it just made me wanna try it today.Who knows if it was chocolate or the cherries :) I had to make these cupcakes.
So on our way back home we stopped at the grocery store,picked up frozen cherries and cocoa powder and then as soon as I got home I started working on these.
The smell sooooo good while they are baking! and when they come out of the will fall in love!
Here is the recipe if you like to try these.
Unbleached All Purpose Flour 5oz (1 cup)
Chopped Dried Cherries 4oz ( 1/2 cup)
Semi Sweet Chocolate chips 5oz ( 1/2 cup)
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 1oz ( 1/4 cup)
Baking Soda 1 Teaspoon
Salt 1/2 Teaspoon
Milk 1/2 cup
Cherry Puree 1/4 cup (recipe follows)
Vanilla extract 1 Teaspoon
Butter 3oz ( 3/4 Stick)
Sugar 12 oz ( 1 1/2 cup)
Eggs 3
Egg yolk 1

Cherry Puree':
Frozen Cherries 10oz bag thawed.
Sugar 1/2 cup.
Grind frozen cherries.Put in a heavy bottom 2Qt Sauce pan and add sugar ( I didn't add any sugar- I think the fruit already has enough natural flavors...but thats just me)
stir and let it cook for 20 minutes...DO NOT LET IT BOIL.Simmer at Medium low heat.Reduce it to half quantity and then cool.
This is how it looks.

Cream butter and Sugar on medium speed for 2-3 minutes.
Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.Add the egg yolk.Beat well.
This is how your batter will look
Meanwhile, sift all the dry ingredients.
Add the dry ingredients alternating with milk and cherry puree'.Beat 15 seconds.Dont forget to scrape the bowl.Looks yummy isn't it
Gently fold in the chocolate chips and Dried Cherries.

Get your cupcake pan ready
Scoop in your cupcake liners
and Bake for about 18 -20 minutes.
Here they are in the oven...
18 minutes later...tada!!!
they are delicious even without frosting!!! try them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

phew!!! I can breath now :)

oh thanks God this week is over :) what a stressful,hectic and busy week...I had to attend a wedding on Thursday,not your typical American wedding,more like an Indian wedding when you see the joyful sight of dinner around 11:00 pm :) and get home after mid night.And then next day I worked on a wedding cake,a big one...4 tiers stacked and 2 sheet cakes on the side.Plus, my niece was also visiting us for the weekend,so she arrived here on Thursday,so she accompanied us at both weddings.FUN!
Now this is the wedding cake from the saturday wedding...I MADE IT!!! isn't it pretty...what do you think?
this was the sketch of the cake...pretty close,eh :)
here I am with the cake...
ahh I love the rhinestones and the gold.I made the cake boards and the cake stand :)
few more pictures of the cake...
it was all neat and pretty...even from behind ;)
bling bling baby!!!
and the topper...
and yes it was a real cake and they cut it :)
oh and remember the post where I showed you the pictures of the bouquet?
she carried it...and she LOVED it :)
I am sooooooo relaxed and tired today!Thanks God,the cake was a success...everyone loved it...the taste and the look :) It was so moist and oh so yummy!hard to believe there wasn't much cake left at the wedding :) SCORE!!!
ahhh I am so exhausted.I will be back soon with something else to share with you guys! Keep checking my bloggy.Take care.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue .... why can't you be blue...

Remember the teasers from the cake I was working on? I finished that cake!!! it looked beautiful! My friend LOVED it.
I forgot to take my camera with me to the bridal shower, so I had to borrow a camera from the hostess,who was a sweetheart! I am waiting on her to email me the pictures I took of the cake.But I did take some pictures from my cell phone,which came with a fabulous total of 5 mega pixels :) LOVE IT!!! here are a few pictures.
I made the topper,since it was too short of a notice to purchase a topper like that and wait for it to be delivered by mail.
Here is the original inspiration for the topper.
and here is the one I hand molded :)
This was the cake that my sweet friend picked...
we made some minor changes and viola!!!
here are a few of the snapshots of the details on the cake :)
Gum paste flowers, gum paste star fish, gum paste topper and real seashells.
Now this week, I am making another huge wedding cake...WISH ME LUCK!!!
It is going to be beautiful!
here is what I have sketched out :)
see the regal cake stand :)
I'm telling ya...the anticipation is killing me...I can't wait to see the finished product.I love the burgundy and gold combo for a wedding,very regal,royal and elegant.
I also made the bridal bouquet for the bride.Here is what that look like :)
isn't it gorgeous :)
did I mention I love golden and red combo :)
and I love the rhinestones...
ah...a beautiful bouquet and a gorgeous cake for an even beautiful bride :)
OK,I will be back with more pictures,soon.bye