Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue .... why can't you be blue...

Remember the teasers from the cake I was working on? I finished that cake!!! it looked beautiful! My friend LOVED it.
I forgot to take my camera with me to the bridal shower, so I had to borrow a camera from the hostess,who was a sweetheart! I am waiting on her to email me the pictures I took of the cake.But I did take some pictures from my cell phone,which came with a fabulous total of 5 mega pixels :) LOVE IT!!! here are a few pictures.
I made the topper,since it was too short of a notice to purchase a topper like that and wait for it to be delivered by mail.
Here is the original inspiration for the topper.
and here is the one I hand molded :)
This was the cake that my sweet friend picked...
we made some minor changes and viola!!!
here are a few of the snapshots of the details on the cake :)
Gum paste flowers, gum paste star fish, gum paste topper and real seashells.
Now this week, I am making another huge wedding cake...WISH ME LUCK!!!
It is going to be beautiful!
here is what I have sketched out :)
see the regal cake stand :)
I'm telling ya...the anticipation is killing me...I can't wait to see the finished product.I love the burgundy and gold combo for a wedding,very regal,royal and elegant.
I also made the bridal bouquet for the bride.Here is what that look like :)
isn't it gorgeous :)
did I mention I love golden and red combo :)
and I love the rhinestones...
ah...a beautiful bouquet and a gorgeous cake for an even beautiful bride :)
OK,I will be back with more pictures,soon.bye

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Gorgeous sweetie!!!!