Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elmo Loves You and Cookie monster Loves Cookies :) Another Sky Blue cake!!!

what is up with everyone wanting Blue cakes...haha! must be THE COLOR of the season :)
So today I am working on this...
isn't it cute
I've already made Elmo,Cookie Monster and Big bird...they are drying on Maani's ping pong table right now :) and this humid and muggy weather is not helping at all... :(
Mr Elmo will be on the top tier...
and this is how cookie is supposed to look like
pretty close,eh!
emerging out of a present,like this...
big bird looks more like barbecue chicken tikka on skewers right now...all cut up into pieces,haha! but I promise I will put him together by tomorrow :)
so he will hopefully look like this
here is the making of the box...
inside is colorful too ;)
putting together
all done! pretty cheerful ,eh! see the stars inside the box...they will be attached to wires to go on the cake :)
and of course...a part hat for Elmo! as per my friend Amanda's suggestion...made out of colorful cardstock :) Thanks Amanda! you are a life saver <3
See the cookies for Cookie Monster...of course they are never enough!
I can't wait to see how this one turns out...Wish me luck and stay tuned,I will be back with the pictures of the completed cake tomorrow.Till then...tata!

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Anonymous said...

Haniya, you are amazingly crafty. You should write a book so you can be invited to Martha Stewart's show or Rachel Ray's and then you can take a long a friend (like me, hint) and we can tour New York and shop til we drop!
Love ya, friend! Lorena