Sunday, June 20, 2010

phew!!! I can breath now :)

oh thanks God this week is over :) what a stressful,hectic and busy week...I had to attend a wedding on Thursday,not your typical American wedding,more like an Indian wedding when you see the joyful sight of dinner around 11:00 pm :) and get home after mid night.And then next day I worked on a wedding cake,a big one...4 tiers stacked and 2 sheet cakes on the side.Plus, my niece was also visiting us for the weekend,so she arrived here on Thursday,so she accompanied us at both weddings.FUN!
Now this is the wedding cake from the saturday wedding...I MADE IT!!! isn't it pretty...what do you think?
this was the sketch of the cake...pretty close,eh :)
here I am with the cake...
ahh I love the rhinestones and the gold.I made the cake boards and the cake stand :)
few more pictures of the cake...
it was all neat and pretty...even from behind ;)
bling bling baby!!!
and the topper...
and yes it was a real cake and they cut it :)
oh and remember the post where I showed you the pictures of the bouquet?
she carried it...and she LOVED it :)
I am sooooooo relaxed and tired today!Thanks God,the cake was a success...everyone loved it...the taste and the look :) It was so moist and oh so yummy!hard to believe there wasn't much cake left at the wedding :) SCORE!!!
ahhh I am so exhausted.I will be back soon with something else to share with you guys! Keep checking my bloggy.Take care.