Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cuteness overload :D baby dress and blanket and of course a cake!!!

I have been sewing and altering shirts and outfits almost two weeks now...only about half way done with my sewing.My machine has a mind of its own...plus I barely get a few hours every other day to sew... so its kinda slow progress but hey at least I am getting things done :)
I wanted to make a baby dress for my friend's brand new baby girl.
Here is where I found the template.But call it an unfortunate fact about me...I can't follow step by step directions with out making changes :p that's just me right there for ya!
Here is what I did.First off you print out the template or if you have little babies running around the house,then you can very well find dresses and shirts for measurements :)
Cut 4 of these (2 if you have a thicker fabric)
I took a 8"x 18" fabric for the yolk,you can have more than 18" if you like a fuller dress.
If I am lucky...then the finish product should be something like this :)
I had some allowance in the yolk fabric so I made some gathers at the waist part.Looks pretty.
tada!!! both front and back part of the bodice are done...all neatly pressed.
see the pretty trim...I love it.
there...that 8"x18" rectangle actually turned into a skirt!!! I used the remaining fabric...cut a loooooooonnnnnng thin piece,sewed that same white trim at one edge and ruffled the other end tightly.Then attached that to the yolk of the dress.
I had this pretty lace sitting in my lace and piping box,so I ruffled it and attached it to the front bodice.
obviously...when everything is going right something really really stupid decides to happen...and that's what this picture is about... look closely...I attached the yolk to the bodice wrong side out! ugh...have I ever reminded myself how much I adore (NOT) ripping tiny stitches and re doing something!!! ugh...its almost as annoying as peeling the butter cream off a perfectly smooth cake,just because the edge is not sharp or the cake has bulges... (YES I am a cake decorator by heart ..heeheeheehe)
ahhh much better!
Yes it was tiny :) perfectly new born size.and look.... the yolk is attached right side out :)
here it is ...in all its glory :) pretty cute huh.
you guys wanna see the blanky I made? it is sooooooo soft and cute! I love it :) oh and W loves it too...i might wanna have to make him a blanky now!
I will be wrapping these up nicely and hopefully I will visit my friend and her baby this week.I also plan on trying something new :) a fun cake! perfect for a new mommy and new baby!
Wanna see my sketch... here
Wish me luck! I will be back with pictures when the cake is done.


Sukaina said...

You are so talented mashaAllah

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Sukaina :)