Sunday, August 1, 2010

my version of Thai Stir Fry I want you to try...

Looks delicious eh! Wanna try...well here is what you need :)

Onions,Broccoli,Spring Onions,Bell peppers(any or all colors),mushrooms (fresh,not frozen),and green peas(frozen are fine),some boneless chicken cut into thin strips and about 2 large garlic cloves(chopped)
Now for the spices you will only need, 1/4 tsp White or black pepper,salt to taste,1/2 crushed red pepper flakes and some olive oil and soy sauce(1 tablespoon).
Wanna get started? OK, so heat up the oil in a nice pan, add freshly chopped garlic in it...mmmm it will smell oh so good! Add chicken pieces.Cook for a few minutes...keep stirring occasionally so your chicken won't fall in love with the bottom of the pan :)
When all the liquid evaporates from the chicken,add crushed red peppers,white pepper and salt.Cook for another few minutes...
This is what it will look like
Boil your favorite healthy pasta...or brown rice if you wish.
Add your sliced vegetables to the chicken,through the soy sauce in and mix everything up real good.Cook for 1 minute and turn the stove off.
oh it looks soooooo yummy! well it actually is very yummy :) You can skip the pasta/rice part and serve the veggie/chicken stir fry with egg white omelet,pizza topping,make a chicken wrap in pita bread...yada yada...the possibilities are endless...tell me if you come up with a fun way to enjoy this stir fry...I am not a big pasta fan :)


Janet said...

Love your blog! We seem to share the same interests (and music)! I'm still in the blog learning stage. I'll have to give this recipe a try.

Desert Rose said...

Janet! Welcome to my little world.I am glad you enjoyed it :) Please dont be a stranger.
- H