Friday, November 5, 2010

our LOL homeschooling moment :)

So we love our Fridays...On Fridays W and I work on "leftovers" during our lessons,basically finishing up any pending assignments from the week,preparing ourselves for the new lessons for the week ahead.We goof off,sing songs,play games and draw through out our lessons...FUN TIMES!!!
Today...we were reviewing our lesson about Oregon and the forest during the last few minutes of our lesson we decided to run a Q/A session :) BAD IDEA when you are being goofy.haha
The question was:
"What do the fire spotters do when they see smoke in the forest?"
W and looked at each other and immediately said," somebody call 9-11,Fire burnin!!!" and then we literally rolled on the floor laughing!
Yup I am a bad influence,I know.
Oh how much I love my goofy little boy and Oh what a happy ending to a busy week.
Have a very happy and blessed weekend,y'all.

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