Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 review! Blessed fo sho :)

Wow! what a wonderful year 2010 has been.Thanks God for this very blessed year.We were blessed beyond our imagination! So much happened...most of it...good stuff.
Here is teenbatateen's 2010 in pictures :) Hope you enjoy it.
As many of you know,I was invited to California by Gaiam and Mari Winsor for Pilates Infomercial shooting,so I could talk about my weight loss and Pilates etc.That was so much fun!
I got to meet and spend a lot of time with Mari Winsor,she is a doll.
W got a workout lesson from her :)

You can watch the video on my youtube channel.
Then we got a gift of Disneyland tickets,so we went there :)

W got into exercising and eating healthy with me :)

On Valentine's day,he made a yarn and rhinestone ring for me,which I loved!
I experimented with tons of traditional South Asian recipes and tweaked them into healthy yummies :)
...and did a lot of interesting things with fondant and buttercream :) Here is a fun of many that I created in 2010.
oh and I tried on lots of pretty sandals :) bought some! left some.
We had record snow this year.W loved it!
See for yourself...
ofcourse,snowmen teenbatateen.
Mari and Tracey Kimmel from Gaiam surprised me with this nice present.Mari's latest Pilates system...I LOVE IT!!!
I made a successful discovery of "baking" traditional fried foods :)

W did so good with his homeschool activities,here he is,he and I won first prize at the Valentine's day Mailbox decorating contest at one of our homeschool Valentine's day party :)
W started gymnastic this year.
Teenbatateen introduced lots of healthy ingredients into our diet :) yayyy for healthy living.
W started riding his bike whenever I went on my runs,3.30 miles to be exact! his midway stop was either Jamba Juice for some yummy smoothie or Subway for a nice Veggie Sandwich :)
He also invented this new art of transforming his little action figures into some other characters by using construction paper and tape,pretty interesting stuff!
here is one more transformed guy.Doc Ock I guess.
He loves spending hours at the bookstores and libraries.
We kept homeschooling fun and interesting,simply by being our goofy little selves.
Big K was very busy this year with hectic work schedule...but finally he managed to ride his bike without the training wheels,LOL!
... and I made another cake.
My beautiful friend Tina found her prince charming,and she became Tina Logan!
I got the honors of making her wedding and groom's cakes.
I turned 30 in 2010! it was a for real HAPPY birthday for me,because I was at my healthy weight,living a very active and healthy life.

and I made some more cakes and tried new gumpaste flowers.
LOTS of flowers...
W has been a very very responsible and helpful boy this year.He amazes us!such a mature child.He helps me and Maani in chores and errands.
We spent many evenings at the free concert and outdoor movies this summer,with lots of bugs spray and chips and salsa :)
My flower beds were beautiful...lots of Callas and Daylilies.
and I shopped for shoes,these were only $6 ;)

W found little ways to make me smile everyday!

I got to meet my sweet cyber friend Skye Matthews a few months before her wedding...and I ended up making her wedding cake :)
Here she is with her prince charming.They are a beautiful couple.
I made a few bridal bouquets for some of my friends.

Teenbateteen spent many evenings at the bookstores.We love books.
...and here is Skye's wedding cake.
...and some more pretty sandals for me.
then I got to make another cute little cake.
and a big one as well.
my first try at this gumpaste heart topper with sea shells and plumerias.

then I tried my luck at molding gumpaste figures,I made these Elmo,Big bird and Cookie monster.

and in between all this creative work,I managed to chop my thumb off...well some of it.It was very painful :(
then I tried making some more gumpaste figures...tiny ones this time,here is a baby shower crib cake I made.
W joined Simon Kids club this year and won many many prizes at their contests.He won first place in this Woody Coloring contest and first place in the costume contest :)
Teenbatateen finally took at day trip to Dallas Downtown on TRE! oh what fun.
W discovered his love for statues.
we went to many museum.
W won yet another costume contest at the Kids Club.
We played tourist this year...we found many nice little towns around DFW and spent our weekends playing tourists.
I made the yummiest Chicken ever :)
We drove to Oklahoma to spend a day at Turner Falls.
We took W to the Tiger Creek Refuge in Tyler,TX.He made a new friend :)

Maani found time to treat me with yummy chicken tikka barbque on Sundays.

W discovered his love for cooking and baking.
More Museum trips.
W and I tried our hand at Mosaic.Here is a dinosaur that W made :)
A day at Dallas Art District was so much fun!
W went to the Flight Museum for one of his field trips.
We celebrated many happy occasions with sweet friends.

and I found so many sad pictures to be my "Before" pictures.

and so many happy event pictures to be my "After" fun,huh! :)

...then I made another huge cake.

As our little tradition,we went to the State Fair :)

Another one of W's fun field trip at a Pizza Kitchen.Each kid got to make their own pizza.

We went to the Blue Angels Air show,which was amazing!

...and I fell in love with these ...two reasons,1) red, 2) $9 ,nuff said ;)

The boys celebrated their birthdays with tons of friends this year.

and I made another cake :)

and another :)
and another, I was super proud of the gumpaste figures I made this year.

and I created a yummy pasta dish with lots of colorful veggies.

W got his wish of spending a night at The Great Wold Lodge,Thanks to our sweet friends,The Cobbeys for inviting W for a sleepover to celebrate Daniel's birthday.This was Waaiz's first night away from home.I missed my little munchkin!

oh and I also made the yummiest sundried tomato and jalapeno Hummus.YUM!!!
Then, we drove to New Orleans,stayed there for one day.
then we drove to Orlando,and went to Disney World.It was a crazy hectic but fun week.

I made a few more gumpaste figures.

W also attended some Science classes at a local Science school here.He got to touch and play with all sorts of nasty creepy stuff :) A curious little boy's dream come true.

He also played for the city's baseball league.He loved it.
We said Goodbye to our sweet red Honda
...and Big K got himself a new toy :) his shopping on Black Friday,haha.

Meanwhile I fell in love with Maddens during our after Christmas window shopping...I am still waiting for these babies to go on sale so I can buy a pair for myself.
oh...and big K played Santa this year,and I also got a nice pair of heels that I had been eyeing for months :)

I made tons of cookie baskets to give out as Christmas presents, about 200 cookies to be exact :D
and as if 2010 wasn't memorable enough...W gave us hints about getting his eyesight checked and ended up with a pair of glasses on 12/31/2010.Here is my bookworm.
This has been a wonderful and fun year,full of blessings from God.Can't thank Him enough for all that He showered our way,all the things that we don't even deserve.Most of all we are so thankful for the blessing of friendship and love.I am so blessed to have each and every one of our friends in our life.Thanks to all of you guys for your support,love and comments.I look forward to another year full of joy and blessings.
Happy New Year everyone!!!


Rafael Logrono said...

I loved seeing Teen Bata Teen 2010! I really enjoyed seeing you, Maani and especially my little W! He is such an amazing kid... Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

wow ! looks like you had an amazing, fun year ! I love all the new shoes you got! you have a good taste and definitely find good deals. Cant wait to try all your healthy recipes :)