Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot and spicey Hummus!

are you drooling yet!!!
So my friends Tina and Monica got me addicted to hummus :) it is just so darn good!Due to my concerns with added sodium and the cost of buying hummus that often etc...I figured it will be better if I can make it at home and so I did :) my spicey and yummy homemade hummus.
You can buy Tahini...I didnt want to get out and drive 25 mins to that store to buy Tahini,so I made some at home.
I toasted some Sesame seeds.
ground them in the grinder,this is what they looked like...pasty.Add to that,lemon juice,olive oil and pinch of salt mix to a thin paste.

then I took some boiled garbanzo beans

add some optional stuff to the grinder, parsley,few onion slices,some cloves of garlic and ofcourse jalapenos,pinch of salt.
give it a go...chop them really fine.
add your tahini and 1/4 cup fat free yogurt and a pinch of black pepper.
blend together.
add garbanzo beans
blend everything together for a few minutes stop the machine,stir and then blend again to make a smooth creamy hummus dip :)
enjoy this dip in wraps,sandwiches or with fresh vegetables.Very healthy and refreshing!
Happy snacking y'all.

Friday, January 14, 2011 this is what you call a decade! hmmm it wasn't very long,time just flew :)

...oh dear, a decade! yup my soul mate married me 10 years ago.Jan 11Th,2001.
We were technically married in 2000.Jan 28Th to be exact...we had a nice ceremony at my parent's home and in the presence of many many friends and family members,Maani and I signed papers and promised to accept each other as husband and wife :) however,Maani had to go back to Boston and finish up my Visa papers and I still had one more year of school to finish...hence,our reception was scheduled for the next year. So technically if you think of it...we have been married 11 years now :) but living together since 10...complicated,but its all good,I promise :)
So we celebrate two anniversaries in is on the 11Th, and the other one is on the 28Th.yayyy !
My wedding was a very traditional South Asian wedding...nothing like this one though :)
haha! although...all these years Maani and I have evolved a lot.Always for better though :)
I guess the title of this post says it all...since it feels like time just flew...I guess we were doing something right.Yes we fought,cried,yelled,argued,snapped and irritated each other often...but if you were to ask any one of us...we probably wouldn't change a thing!Everything brought us closer,no matter how many times we brought the worst out of each other,at the end of the day I felt he brings out the best in me and each day I loved and respected him even more than ever! I guess that's what's called happily and downs! happy and angry.
Maani and I have been through so much in these 10 years together...God has blessed us,we truly thank Him for bringing the two of us together so we can make each other a better person and learn so much from each other!
I love my Maani.Happy Anniversary to us.