Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot and spicey Hummus!

are you drooling yet!!!
So my friends Tina and Monica got me addicted to hummus :) it is just so darn good!Due to my concerns with added sodium and the cost of buying hummus that often etc...I figured it will be better if I can make it at home and so I did :) my spicey and yummy homemade hummus.
You can buy Tahini...I didnt want to get out and drive 25 mins to that store to buy Tahini,so I made some at home.
I toasted some Sesame seeds.
ground them in the grinder,this is what they looked like...pasty.Add to that,lemon juice,olive oil and pinch of salt mix to a thin paste.

then I took some boiled garbanzo beans

add some optional stuff to the grinder, parsley,few onion slices,some cloves of garlic and ofcourse jalapenos,pinch of salt.
give it a go...chop them really fine.
add your tahini and 1/4 cup fat free yogurt and a pinch of black pepper.
blend together.
add garbanzo beans
blend everything together for a few minutes stop the machine,stir and then blend again to make a smooth creamy hummus dip :)
enjoy this dip in wraps,sandwiches or with fresh vegetables.Very healthy and refreshing!
Happy snacking y'all.

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