Tuesday, February 22, 2011


ah... Tuesday after a long weekend is a very very boring and slow day for me! I am sure it is universal :)
So during our lunch break I marinated some vegetables for grilling.YUM!that surely makes a boring workday interesting.Food makes anything better!
You can make this ahead of time and use them throughout the week in various ways.You can toss them with some pasta or brown rice.You can get some nice slices of Whole grain bread and some low fat cheese slices and make grilled vegetable Paninis or you can make some grilled chicken breast and have these on the side- endless possibilities and you get your recommended vegetable servings :)
First you start with delicious,fresh and colorful vegetables,I had,bell peppers,carrots,onions and zucchini squash on hand.
Slice your vegetables,add salt,black and white pepper,Cayenne pepper,2 tablespoons of lemon juice,fresh or dried herbs(parsley,basil and oregano) and a nice generous drizzle of olive oil.
Mix and let sit the flavors blend for a few hours.mmmm dont they look yummy!
I grill the vegetables on my George Foreman grill,just remember to spray the surface with PAM.
Happy Tuesday y'all!

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