Friday, March 4, 2011

Donna's birthday cake

Here is my beautiful friend Donna :)
This will remind you of French poodle couture cakes ;) pink,black and white,with a touch of major bling.Overall girly girly!
Oh how I love making these flowers.They are time consuming...but very worth the effort.
First I rolled a ball of black gum paste and flattened it a little bit.Then comes the time consuming part.
You take the plastic stamens and cut them about 1/4" length,
take them and insert them along the sides of that gumpaste ball,one by one.OK! you do that...and I will see you tomorrow ;)

Here are the gumpaste flowers resting in their formers.
once the flowers were firm I attached the flower centers to them.already looking pretty!
oh beautiful.
Here is my vision of that girly cake.
what do you think :)
oh and I love using the luster dust on the petals to give them a nice hint of shimmer.
love the silver sugar balls with these black scrolls
I love everything about this cake...the pink,the shimmer,the black embroidery,the pink and black silk ribbons and ofcourse the rhinestone trim.
I know you wanna see the cake :) here,people! I present you...Donna's birthday cake.
Happy Birthday my Sweet friend Donna! I love you.


Anonymous said...

I think you should own your own bakery! i love that cake :D

Kayla said...

Beautiful cake, the flowers are stunning. I was just curious What size flower formers did you use? :)

Desert Rose said...

thank you :)
Kayla, I wish I can give you a specific size or the name of the cutter...I have very basic cutters. I cut these petals using the round cutters from Wilton's cookie cutters (you know the set of 3 rounds) and then I used the tip of a sharp knife to give them a little bit of oval shape.
Thanks for your compliments!!!