Friday, March 18, 2011

Red is my color...

So, this Valentine's Day...Maani got me this gorgeous shirt...
It says,
What a girl wants.. friends,fun,handbags,shoes,fashion,red lipstick
awwww... Yes I know,he is a keeper ;)
This got me thinking,I have pretty much all of the above but a red lipcolor.Who knew God took requests for make up prayers too :) Look what I got in the mail a few days ago :) and it was FREEEEEEE from Bzzagent.
Fabulous lip colors from Maybelline.That's their newest line,Super Stay 24 hr colour.See it here
I now am a proud owner of a red lipstick :) I just have to find a perfect occasion to wear red lips.I have a feeling I am going to have to convince myself really really hard.Many reasons I don't wear red lipstick...
a)I've never liked red lipstick on me,
b)I am no movie star
c)I have no idea what outfit goes with red lipstick- I have a cute red purse and really really cute red sandals,and a nice red blouse...but then I'd be a red riding hood...see you get the idea,I have NO IDEA what goes with red lipstick :)
d)even if I dress fancy and try red lipstick...I won't have anywhere special to go.
e)I tend to eat my lip gloss,and red lip colors looks ridiculous when it is half worn and half eaten,not to mention it gets on your teeth.
f) I don't wear lipstick, lipgloss is my friend :)
I can go on and on...but these awesome lipsticks which stay on for hours...are making me want to try it-even if it is only for once ;) Be a brave girl now!
I tried all four shades that I got for free,LOVE THEM!!!
I got Timeless Rose,Keep It Red,Forever Chestnut and Wear On Wildberry.
I cant pick a favorite...I liked them all.They stayed on for an entire day...even after lunch,snacks and dinner,and it didn't even chap or dry my lips...Good job Maybelline!

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