Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday fun - freebies and wins.

...and the blessings and fun continues.
The week of my birthday I got a package from BzzAgent.It was a full size sample of Tresemme' shampoo and conditioner for me try out and share my opinion about it!Just in time when I was running out of my shampoo and was thinking of trying a different brand.Here it was...FREE,perfect timing,gotta love free stuff.
W and I had so much fun enjoying the free food offers I got for my birthday.We went to many neat restaurants and enjoyed free entree's,free breakfasts and free desserts! YUM.
what a neat place! I just loved how they represented the Bourbon Street atmosphere in this restaurant.
more yums
good stuff! this is just a tiny glimpse of all the yummy treats we enjoyed :)
Here we are,waiting for our dessert...
Then me and the boys celebrated some more yums and freebies at Olive Garden.I love their minestrone soup.mmmm
They brought me my birthday dessert and sang Happy Birthday,look at Waaiz singing for momma :)
see how cute and yes he ate it!
Then during the first week of May,I entered a picture of me and my momma for Bakers Shoes Mother's Day photo contest.They were going to pick 3 winners and each winner will get a $100 gift card to Bakers Shoes.AWESOME! I thought it will be fun to win free shoes anyway... but how much more fun it will be to win it just in time for my birthday!
Few days later,just the day after my birthday,I saw this on Bakers Shoes facebook page
and immediately got an email from Bakers,congratulating me on my winning entry and confirming my address.
"Congratulations! You are one of the winners of our "We ♥ Mom" event. You have won a $100 Bakers gift card! Please respond to this email "
WHAT!!! I WON,I WON!!! woohoooooooo...
O M G! I still cannot believe it... WOW.
Then on May 8Th,my sweet friend Cathy emailed me about a two ticket giveaway for the opening night of Mikado.I tried my luck and submitted my name for the lucky draw.
The day after my birthday I got this email in my inbox:
" Congratulations, you've won two tickets to opening night of the Opera Festival, and the production of "The Mikado,"Please reply and confirm that you got this and can go, and we'll sent further instruction."
I WON !!! WOW...
I had never been to an opera show this was awesome.Obviously Free makes it 10 times better :) I sat in the 6th or perhaps the 7th row.So these were VIP tickets,sweet! the view was awesome and show was fantastic! Here is a picture I took after the show ended.
I loved the little banner that ran at the bottom of Theater Jones webpage...saying I was their lucky winner.heehee

oh and I enjoyed my homegrown Strawberry :) ofcourse I shared with W.

and today I really enjoyed my trip to the mailbox...lots of fun things in my mailbox,see...
wooohooo,my newly renewed driver's liscence came in...with a better picture of me ;) With all that weight I lost...I wasn't matching my picture on the old DL.It was definitely time for a new picture.
Plus,I got some free bucks in my Angels Rewards,wooohoo!
And yayyy my Bakers giftcard arrived !!!
what a sweet hand written note
so much fun!!! and it continues...
guess what Maani brought me for my birthday!
The light in this room isn't doing justice to this gorgeous sandals...they are a very pretty shade of blushy peach.So cute!I just love the suede on them! so pretty and yes,they are very comfortable :)


Anonymous said...

you go girl!
- Anna

Sabrina Z said...

I was so happy when you called to tell me you won :) Going to miss seeing you once a week but I am enjoying my new store so far. Make sure to follow my blog.

I just started it but is coming along :)