Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday fun - friends.

Lets start this 3rd episode of my birthday fun with WHY in the world I am so happy this year and what makes me so proud of myself...
from 2008 to 2011.
and this
that was me (in red shirt) at my friend's birthday in 2008 and me in black,same friend's birthday in 2011 :) and yes I made that cake!
look at my handsome boys! my birthday trip in 2008 and my birthday week picture in 2011.
and thats me and my munchkin in 2008,and me and him in 2009. maintaining my healthy lifestyle.That picture of me in brown was from,I believe 2008,around my birthday.Sad and unhappy,hanging out at 186lbs or something...I knew I HAD to change I did.
I discovered an amazing place,the prayer mountain...ahhhh SO PEACEFUL!It is one of the highest elevations in DFW.Check out the view from here
I went there with the boys on my birthday and watched the sunset.It was mesmerizing.God is just so wonderful..look at all the wonderful blessings around us.
Then,I found my favorite style of sandals that I had been looking for! I just had to get myself a birthday present :) plus, read their name,Stephania. YUP! they have my name on them ;)
Ofcourse these are from Bakers and I love the fact that they cost me under $18 ;) SCORE!!!
Look at the happy and excited birthday girl!
W had a Homeschooler's Field competition day on the 12Th.So exciting!
There he is...
him and I during the little break time.
him and his little team mates won so many ribbons.awe..we are super proud of our munchkin.
My sweet friend Cheryl came to visit me a few days ago... She drove about 4 hours and visited us for a few hours.I just love her to pieces.
She brought me this sweet present.Don't you just love it!
and another sweet friend brought me this as my early birthday present...awe,stuff I <3
Maani brought me another bunch of flowers and a cute bracelet
My sweet friend T left me these goodies on my front porch when I wasn't home! that was another sweet awe moment ;) A fabulous card, a gorgeous Notebook,a cute notepad and a pretty pink and lavender butterfly windchime...all the stuff that I adore!!! I can never have enough note pads and planners :D
Check out this cute!
and when you open it,it says
haha! super cute.I it...Thanks T!
Last night my friends arranged a sorta surprise party for me.I had a great time!oh gosh! I am loaded with presents...
As I walked in my friend's house,Tina had me wear the Hawaiian cute! look at them on my head and the flower necklace..I love it!
Did you see all these presents...oh my! It will take me a month to finish writing Thank you notes :)
If you ever got an email from probably have noticed my signature message.I love that quote.And one of my friend made that quote into a birthday present for thoughtful! She is very creative and talented.
then ofcourse,some more cute sandals found their way into my collection.Thanks Monica! I love these ( excuse the Baker's bag in the picture...those are my other shoes that Maani got for me- heeheehee)
Sweet Tina got me a set of 4 cute plates...look how fun!!!
and a fit for me apron ;)
I even got a gorgeous outfit...I just love black and white :)
oh so many pretty girly things.
look at this happy guy....he held my birthday balloons :)
I am still opening my birthday presents...oh my! how blessed.Thanks God for all the friends who make my life so special.
My rose garden is so colorful ...I am loving all my flowers.
pretty bud..
look at this gorgeous rose
and hydrangeas...
and my pretty Callas
so many colors
well looky here
I can't get enough pictures of these...
I had to pick some and bring them in my home.They are so pretty and they make me happy.
The boys and I went to feed the crazy fish...they almost jumped up and ate our feet :)
hungry crazy fish...lots of them.
awe...I have so many more fun things to share about my birthday.till next time...tata.


Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Desert Rose said...

Yes Haley,
It has been amazing :)
Thanks for hanging out on my blog.
- H

Anonymous said...

Wow you inspired me to lose weight! But how did you do it? I have no idea how :(

Rizza said...

You look incredible and what a great birthday year! Keep it up beautiful:D